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The Perfect Gluts In Five, Four, Three…

Baby, got back? If not, no worries, we got your.. back. We came up with the most effective exercise for a perfect butt. And the steps are…

1. Stand Up

Straight feet hip-width apart with toes pointing straight ahead. Standing up allows you to reach further on your stretch and crunch.

2. Hands On Your Hips

This step will not only help you with balance but it makes your gluts work harder without the arm movement. This move makes your figure look better as well.

3. Take A Step Forward With One Leg

Are you already feeling the burn? That is the point. Switch legs when you can no longer take one side. This routine is slow, so if you are a fast pace exercise junkie, try an uplifting playlist to compensate.

4. Bend Your Knees 

Both legs need to be at the right angle. It is burning more and more, but trust us, it will be worth it. When wanting to quit, look at the picture in this post for motivation.

5. Hold

Hold in this position for 3 seconds, then step backward to the starting position, switch legs, and keep going. If you do this every day for two consecutive weeks you will start feeling the effect. You butt will be firmer and your legs will feel more flexible.

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