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Amy Von Rummelhoff – Sports Gurl – Interview

Amy Von Rummelhoff - Fitness Gurls Magazine - Sports Gurl
Amy Von Rummelhoff - Photo by Chaz Photo Five Questions with Amy Von Rummelhoff - the Sports Gurl

Amy Von Rummelhoff you are our new Sport Gurl. You’re beautiful, you have fabolus physique, but do you really like sports?

Sports has always been a HUGE part of my life. I grew up a competitive figure skater and dancer and love watching all action sports live.

What’s your favorite sport?

I would have to say of the main stream sports I love basketball however I will always have that special spot for figure skating.

You will be giving your fight picks for some of the top events for the UFC?

What we want to know is, who’s your favorite fighter? Jon Jones shows a lot of potential as a new comer in the sport. I always like to see people come up against the veterans and do so well.

We heard you also work with Red Bull on some of their events, what is it like being around those types of athletes?

I am currently contracted as their Project Manager for Red Bull X Fighters Motocross Event on May 12th out at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino. It is great to see such extreme sports athletes athletes from all over the world compete and perform at such a high level. The tricks they do are absolutely unbelievable, not to mention the show Red Bull puts on around the entire event alone is worth coming out for on its own!

And finally, you live in LA, you like the NBA, 2-on-2, who would you pick to be on your team, Kobe or Lebron?

Lebron hands down. I love the Lakers but Kobe has never been my cup of tea. I don’t think I can put aside how I feel about him as an individual and I think both are amazingly talented players and would be great assets to a team when it comes strictly to talent.

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