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The Fitness Gurls Podcast

The Fitness Gurls Podcast: Whitney Miller

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker

Today I’m super excited to introduce our beautiful guest, Whitney Miller! Whitney grew up in the water. She is an avid surfer and gained a pro status in wakeboarding. In 2012 she decided to step on stage and try her hand at the pageant scene where she became the Miss United States 2012. From beauty pageant, she then transitioned to Jiu Jitsu where she holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt. She is Glory Kickboxing’s Backstage and In Ring Reporter. She is a brand ambassador for Onnit Labs and is recently Engaged to the love of her life Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of the company. To say she lives life without boundaries is obvious. I cannot wait to get to know this amazing woman more!


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Lets take the scenic route…

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Come on, Mondays aren't that bad are they?! @ohrangutang #mondaymotivation

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