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The Fitness Gurls Podcast

The Fitness Gurls Podcast: Ashley Kaltwasser

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker

Hey, everyone!!! It’s Holly Barker and today I am supremely excited to be talking to the beautiful Ashley Kaltwasser!

Born and raised in Akron, OH, Ashley started her athletic career at the young age of 4, when she began competing in gymnastics. She was always competitive and loved being active, even breaking records in jump rope, chin-ups, sprints, and pushups while in elementary school! In her sophomore year at Coventry High School Ashley found her perfect fit in track and field and she quickly began making her presence known in both cross country and track, participating in the 300 and 100-meter hurdles, long jump, and the 3.1-mile cross country run. She was ALL-STATE in both sports, running cross country solely to stay in shape on track. While competing at Coventry, Ashley broke over 7 track and cross country records, ALL of which still stand. Ashley was awarded a track scholarship to a Division I college, where her main event was the 400-meter hurdles. After her track days were over, Ashley found herself needing a new sport to dabble into satisfy her competitive urge. It was then that she discovered the NPC Bikini division, and…well….the rest is history!!! Ashley is the winner of 14 IFBB Professional Bikini titles. She is the 3x Miss Bikini Olympia Champion, and the only competitor to win as a rookie. She also holds 2 Miss Arnold Bikini International titles. And today we get to know this amazing all-star and inspiration a little bit better. I cannot wait!


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Be you ??

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Tips for building better glutes!? . . 1. Keep weight in heels – focusing on pushing the weight through your heels can significantly increase the activation of your glute and hamstrings. . . 2. Vary your feet placement- instead of keeping your toes forward, try placing them out at an angle. Try widening your stance as well as narrowing your stance . . 3. Keep toes in line with knees- this is implant to prevent injury and to get the maximum result. . . 4. Use mind-muscle connection- let's think about the exercise that we are performing and not just go through the movements. . . 5. Pre-exhaust your glutes- try a high rep, low weight quick set of a glute exercise before you begin your workout! . . 6. Incorporate plyos in the mix- plyos are great for tightening and toning the glutes. . For the FULL 8 tips + description, catch it on my Facebook Page ?? Ashley Kaltwasser (sorry IG wouldn't let me post full text lol) . . #healthychoices #active #strong #IGfitness #bikini #functional #health #fitnessinspiration #gluteworkout #ashleykaltwasser #npcbikini

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?? . . ? @charliecouch

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