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Put a Twist on Your Protein Shake for Maximum Effects

Your workouts will show you greater benefits if you will accompany it with an excellent nutrient-packed supplement. A perfect combination of proteins and real food will definitely help you reach your goals whether it is too bulk up, make your six packs pop or lose weight. Here are 5 super-shakes that can certainly make your protein go that extra mile. In these examples, you will see how you can create a complete drink specific for your needs with just a few simple additions.

Need to build more muscles? Then grab a 40g protein blend and Whey, add 3 tbsp of oats, banana and 2tsp of peanut butter. Blend the ingredients with 400ml milk or water and drink slowly between meals. In order for muscles to grow and develop it needs protein, fats and carbohydrates. Oats is a source of slow-burning carb, quality calories can then be derived from nutrient dense sources like banana and peanut butter.

Before you start your training, blend with 500ml of water a 40g whey protein blend and 50g maltodextrin blueberries. Drink one third 20mins before training, one during and one after. It showed on research that when it comes to muscle building, pre training shakes is twice as effective as post training.

Make your six packs pop by blending 40g casein protein and 2 tbsp flaxseed powder with 500ml of water. Drink this shake between meals or in exchange of one heavy carb meal. Omega 3 fatty acids that help lose fats and antioxidant lignans are found in flax powder.

Replace your meal with a blend of 40g protein, 2tsp almond butter, 3tbsp yoghurt, 1tbsp Barley Grass powder and 2tsp flaxseed powder with 500ml water, drink this also between meals. The best way to get nutrients is by taking in real meals, so be sure to put in as many real foods as you can that you’re convenient with in your shake.

Be lean by making a mixture of 40g protein, 1tbsp flaxseed oil, 3tbs oats and strawberries with 400ml water or milk. Omega 3 fatty acid is present in flaxseed oil, oats is low-GI carbohydrate to keep steady energy levels and support gut health with fibers.

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