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Food & Nutrition

5 Healthy Snacks That Are Not Healthy


You work out every day. You stick to your diet. You don’t see results. Why?

Hidden under the mantle of fitness are some shady snacks that are anything but healthy. We unmasked them for you.

1. Granola


The mystery as to why granola is in every gym masked as a healthy snack is beyond comprehension. This indigestible carbohydrate is cooked in fat and does not substitute for a meal or any healthy snack. You work really hard on your health to have it compromised by this dry, carb and fat snack.

2. Fruit Juice


Bottled and canned fruit juices are sodas dressed in healthy costumes. Fruit juices contain as high levels of sugar as sodas, however we are brained washed to believe that they are healthy. If you want to stay hydrated drink water and eat fresh fruit.

3. Veggie Chips


Veggie chips are well intended. What you buy are real veggies, the problem is that most brands fry them to death before they go into your mouth. Baked veggie chips are your best option if you must have crispy vegetables as a snack but we recommend some fresh carrots or celery with home made vinaigrette instead.

4. Salad Dressing


When it comes to health, isn’t a salad the best possible option on any menu? It is. Fresh veggies are an amazing source of nutrition. However, when topping these with salad dressing, we are very likely ruining our health strategy, specially when it comes to weigh loss.

Most dressings have tons of fat and carbs, not to mention sugar and sodium, aka, salt. Virgin olive oil and vinegar are much better options.

5. Flavored Yogurt


Another scammer. Artificial colorants have huge amounts of sugar. Not worth the risk. If you are not a fan of natural yogurt but still want to eat right we recommend that your flavor it naturally with berries or honey.

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