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Know About Common Myths about Muscles

Many people most especially men are more into fitness and build that muscles stuffs. Many however don’t have a good knowledge about their bodies specifically their muscles. But it can be dangerous if you only have and rely on the little knowledge you have about your muscles especially in the gym. So here are some common workout myths and the truth behind them.

Low weight and high rep workouts will not help you build more muscle mass. Although almost any form of weight/resistance training can help beginners to build muscle, your body has the tendency to adapt so in order for your muscles to keep growing, you need to add more weight. You strength levels determine the development of your muscles. The stronger you are the more weight that you can potentially lift and that means more muscle mass. if you just want to lose weight, then the low and high mode of workout is already good enough, but you have to go for heavier weights if you want to gain more muscle.

Increasing your protein intake with not help you gain more muscle growth. You will still accumulate fats from whatever you eat if you eat too much of it. Training and recovery is what makes muscle to develop. Your muscles will not grow if you don’t put enough stress on it, and the protein in you diet is just to enhance your body to build but not grow muscles automatically. The supplements are made to help your body recover from the workout, but you will not need them if you don’t exercise.

Being in pain doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing a good workout. Your muscles must remember the workout sessions. But if you are experiencing pain, then it’s either you are in bad shape or you are training level is too high that you are damaging you muscles. If you feel any pain then it is a signal that something is not right so you might want to restart your program with lighter weights and lower reps then just gradually increase it in the following weeks.


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