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Jen Heward: 4 Week Training Series – Part 3 Core

Tight and Trim Core. Along with the proper diet, training and cardio you to can have the abs you want. This 15 minute core workout not only helps to build core strength, but helps lengthen and define your midsection. These exercises can be done anywhere. Get ready to challenge yourself and for the ultimate burn in your core!

Stance Supplements Thermo 30 Min prior to training
1 scoop Stance Supplements Lipotropic Intra Workout (during training)
1 scoop Nutrishop ForzaOne BCAA Intra workout (during training)
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Complete this core circuit before cardio/training or can be done by itself. You will need a sturdy object to hold onto. Complete each ab exercise, minimal rest for 1 min each. Try to slow your movements and keep the core engaged/contracted the whole time.

Exercise 1 – Straight Leg Lift
Exercise 2 – Alternating Straight Leg Lift (create a L with your legs)
Exercise 3 – Bicycle Leg Lift
Exercise 4 – Wide Feet to close Feet Leg Lift (feet go wide at bottom, come together at top)
Exercise 5 – Mountain Climber
Exercise 6 – Sitting Reverse Crunch
Exercise 7 – Regular Bicycle Crunch (slow movements)
Exercise 8 – Sitting Side Oblique Crunch (both sides)
Exercise 9 – Jack Knife
Exercise 10 – Regular Crunch & Reverse Crunch (movements at the same time, fully extend your legs out before crunching back in)
Exercise 11 – Lying Heel Touches
Exercise 12 – Lying Oblique Crunch w/ Single Leg Reverse Crunch (opposite elbow and knee crunch together, fully extend out leg before crunching back)
Exercise 13 – Regular Crunch (feet up)





Fitness superstar Jen Heward. Photos by @LeeLHGFX / IG @hunnybunsfit / Photo by LHGFX


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