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Hope Beel’s Go-To Booty Workout

Hope Beel, our resident booty expert and sponsored athlete, gives you her go-to Booty Workout. If you’re on the go, these 3 exercise we’re paramount in creating Hope Beel’s elite glutes, and we believe they will work wonders for you as well.


1. Hip Thrust with pulse on Bosu: the Bosu is a great way to protect back and works core because you have to stabilize yourself. Add a pulse to your hip thrust for more of a challenge. Make sure to push through your heels. Works gluteus, hamstrings, and core.


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Weighted side lunge: while holding a weighted sand ball at chest slowly lower down into your side squat. Make sure knees do not go over toes to protect knees. Keep your chest up and push butt back. A great gage is getting elbows to knees. Make sure to push through knees and keep core tight. Works glutes, inner thighs, and hamstrings.


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Weighted kick backs: use a weighted sand all to add more resistance. You will need to squeeze the ball in between the back on your knee. Kick heel straight up while engaging hamstring and glute. Works hamstrings and glutes.


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