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Health Benefits of Skywalker OG CBD

It’s a naturally occurring substance that helps you feel relaxed and calm.


Cannabis is a plant that has certain qualities for which it’s known. It contains substances that make up the potency of weed effects. Some are good, some not so good. In order to increase the share of good matters in cannabis, breeders have found new ones by crossing different varieties.

THC and CBD are the two components of cannabis that attract the most attention. Think of them as a good guy (that would be CBD, as it lacks psychoactive effects) and another good guy with a doubtful past. THC is an element that is a bit problematic, but no one can deny its qualities and beneficial health effects.

On the other hand, CBD has become a market star. Products based on this hemp derivative have flooded stores and dispensaries. It was quite a challenge for breeders to cross-breed new hybrid species with high CBD content, which will control the effects of THC. That’s how Skywalker OG was created as a potent strain primarily intended for experienced users.

Who Can Use Skywalker?

Skywalker OG cannabis has many benefits for those who want to get high, but it’s not for everyone. Due to the high content of THC, his strain has a powerful impact on the body and mind. It activates the brain’s reward system, which causes it to work overtime but that users don’t feel tired or over-forced.

Most newbies would probably run after this potent cannabis, but they could experience some side effects. They still don’t know how to find the right dose for the full Skywalker OG effect. So they can end up sleepy or too euphoric. It’s best for newbies to leave this strain, at least until they gain cannabis experience with some less potent strains.

What’s in Skywalker OG?

The main reason why Skywalker OG is not for beginners is the high percentage of THC. It has been known to slow down the firing of the neurons. That causes the brain to function more efficiently but has a strong sedation effect, which is not always desirable.

By special processing and extraction, producers came up with high-quality buds with high CBD levels (even over 20 percent). Such products are ideal for those who want to feel the potent effect of this site and ease some health problems. CBD is also known to work to the brain, but not in the same way as THC. That’s the reason cannabidiol is accepted as a safe, additional therapy for people suffering from chronic ailments.

Anxiety Relief

Strains like Skywalker OG, where THC prevails, offer the consumers a cerebral and spiritual high that makes them feel like they have left the physical realm. Because it’s high in THC, this is ideal for people suffering from insomnia or various types of anxiety disorders. Due to its almost immediate calming effect, this strain can be a weed of choice for people with stage freight.

This hybrid can also help people dealing with post-traumatic stress and phobias, as it brings relief. Skywalker OG is recommended for people with boosted brain activity at night, which causes a lack of sleep. As it will make you feel unburdened, you will have a few hours of good night rest, with no heavy thoughts to bother you.

Potent Natural Analgesic

Since it’s so high in THC, the Skywalker cannabis strain is also great at relieving pains, such as those experienced during the cancer treatment. This strain relieves nausea and vomiting besides aiding in the relief of severe coughing and lung problems. It is no surprise that cannabis diminishes the side effects of chemotherapy. 

Besides dealing with chronic pain, vaping or dabbing Skywalker OG can be of great help with easing the consequences of physical injuries. It’s also great at reducing the adverse effects of therapies like those used in people with ADHD and other brain developmental disorders.

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Easing Sleep Issues

Despite the fact that Skywalker OG cannabis is highly potent, it is still highly regarded amongst those who consume it. Those familiar with the product will tell you that it takes time to kick in and get ready for a good sleep. 

Seasoned users would recommend you to take it at least one hour before bedtime. This strain has a bit of delayed sleep effect. That’s why you won’t fall into a deep sleep before getting their desired outcomes. But if you take a higher dose, its potent cerebral effect will keep you up for a while.

Sleep is not the result of the sedation effect of this strain but its calming effects. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but it relieves you. When you’re carefree, you fall asleep easier, have fewer sleep interruptions, and wake up rested and energized. 

Appetite Booster

THC has a proven reaction with receptors in charge of the sense of hunger. It makes sense that Skywalker OG, as a potent, THC-rich strain, can improve your appetite. This effect is desirable in certain medical conditions, but you must be very cautious with Skywalker OG ingestion. One of the effects of marijuana intake is so-called munchies or uncontrolled desire for food. For more information on how to prevent these cravings, visit this link.

SkywalkerOG is one of the more demanding cannabis types for growing, but only because its seeds are hard to find. That’s why products based on this strain can be costly. It’s still a good choice for anyone who wants a high-grade product to experience the full potency of cannabis.


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