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Get Stronger With These Workouts

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Are you one of those people who get tired very easily? Do you run out of breath very fast? Like if you go downstairs from your second floor to the ground floor using the stairs thrice back to back, is it the case that you get extremely tired and sweaty and experience extremely fast heartbeat and loss of breath? All of these mean that your stamina is very low. We usually think that people only hit the gym if they want to shed those extra pounds they have gained, but here we are wrong. Exercising and workout are not just for weight loss but also for strengthening your muscles and making your body stronger and increasing your stamina. If you want to achieve the latter objectives you must add the following exercises to your daily routine.

1. Bench Press With Dumbbells

The bench press is often thought of just developing your chest muscles, however, this perception is wrong because bench press also develops surrounding muscles like shoulders and triceps.  Now how to start doing it? First of all lay on a bench in a way that your feet are laid flat on the floor and your back, hip, and head should be on the bench. Now hold a dumbbell with your palms facing the ceiling and hold it directly above your chest making a right angle. Now lift the dumbbell up slowly and then slowly return to the starting position. Continue this and start dreaming of a stronger chest and shoulders and triceps.

2. Squats With Dumbbells

Squats are always confused for being dangerous for your knees however there’s no research or doctor until today who confirms this myth. So ignore these stupid opinions and start focusing on how they will strengthen your lower body which includes your hamstring, lower back, glutes, and quads. I know that’s enough of a reason to start doing them! So in order to do the squats in the right way, you must stand on your feet in a way that the gap between them is a little wider than your hip-width. Now slightly lower your hip and bend your knees like you’re sitting on a chair. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to your surface. To ensure that your back is straight. Then return to the original standing position. Continue this and wait for magical results.

3. Plank

Trust me whoever says that a minute doesn’t really matters tell them to do a plank for 60 seconds and they will learn the worth of a minute. In order to strengthen your core make sure you are laid in a pushup position and have your elbows placed on the floor in a way that they are exactly under your shoulders. Place all your body’s weight on your forearms and brace your core to get that stiffer support for your spine. Make sure your chin is not bent down and you are looking in a forward direction with your head up!

4. Deadlift

They develop the entire body’s strength but are commonly known for developing the hamstring and lower body muscles. So get to your position and place your feet on a distance aligned with your hip-width. Now bend your lower body and brace your core and slowly pick up the dumbbell place before you and push your hip and stand back. Now repeat this and see that sweat flow like water.




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