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Easy and Practical Steps on Losing Weight with No or Limited Exercise

One of the major in losing weight is none other than food. This is well because they are just too good. This is why many people like to order large portions, have an occasional splurge on takeaways or have a fry-up on Sundays. These are just some of the things that most people are having a hard time to give up. The good news is that according to the most recent research on weight loss, researchers found three simple and practical ways that you can do to make you body burn fat without eating just salads or using the treadmill. Now you don’t have to make any sacrifices with these simple lose weight tips.

Don’t eat in front of your screen – You can trim your stomach by just eating lunch away from your desk. In a research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the habit of multitasking doesn’t really show any good in your weight, in their taste test 30 minutes after lunch, they found that those who ate their midday meal while playing a computer game of solitaire didn’t feel full enough and they end up eating twice as much cookies compared to those who ate their food without any distractions. In this research, they saw that our memory plays an important role in controlling our appetite, so eating while doing something else can interrupt with the ability of the brain to process the amount of calorie being taken in. So what you need to do is to focus for at least 15 minutes only on your food and you certainly won’t need to have a fattening snack in between meals.

Lower the heat – In the journal Obesity Reviews, a recent study showed that you can actually lose weight in you are exposed in mild temperatures. Non-shivering thermogenesis is the process that the body undergoes to when it is subjected to mild temperatures. This particular process stimulates your brown (good) fat that will in turn metabolize the calories as it work to increase your body’s internal temperature. Although this brown fat is slowly diminishing as we grow older, it can still be increased by regular exposure to cold temperatures. According to Dr. C Ronald Kahn, a professor in Harvard and expert in brown fat, He said that you can burn an extra 100-200 calories daily by just wearing light clothing in a room temperature of 15.5 C. What you can do is just simply change the settings of your thermostat to a colder temperature; you won’t only increase your brown fat and burn more calories, but also save some cash in your electric bill.

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