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Does lifting heavy weight make women get too muscular?

A large ideology most women have with avoiding weight training is that they think it will put on a masculine physique. Mike Bracko, Ed.D, an exercise physiologist in Calgary, Alberta talks about the theory of woman gaining a bodybuilder physique. “Most women don’t physically bulk up through strength training alone, since they have less testosterone and often don’t respond as quickly to weight training as men do.” Basically, women would have to train very heavy for multiple hours a day to raise their testosterone level to a point to put on as much muscle as the top tier bodybuilding competitors.

Should you shy away from lifting heavy weight? Absolutely not. The tone muscles you see on your favorite fitness models and athletes are built by incorporating a heavy weight regimen with proper form. Don’t let word of mouth from an inexperienced gym patron steer away from you becoming the best you: Train heavy.


Health & Fitness

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