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Claire Rae: Kettlebell & Dumbbell Workout

Kettlebells can be used for almost anything you would use dumbbells for and vice versa. The great thing about kettle bells is the way you can swing them around and make your workout a little more fun along with working out your stabilizer muscles.

When you are using kettle bells you will want to make sure you are keeping them controlled. Try switching it up and using both kettlebells and regular dumbbells in your workout.


The Kettlebell Swing is a great full body exercise to shock your muscles from the average dumbbell. With this exercise you are building both strength and explosiveness.

Start: Standing with feet shoulder width apart and knees bent slightly, with eyes facing forward and both hands on the kettlebell with an overhand grip.

How to: Having the lower back keep its arch, bring the kettlebell in between the legs pushing the hips back, and drive through using the glutes swinging the kettlebell up. Return to starting position keeping the slight bend in your knees and repeat. Repeat 3 times.

The Kettlebell Snatch is similar to the Kettlebell Swing being a full body exercise that works on both strength and explosiveness.

Start: Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, go into a partial squat with a lower weight dumbbell in the arm of choice with an overhand grip.

How to: Explode from the squat up and drive the kettlebell up above your head until your arm is completely straight. Afterwards, return to starting position and repeat.

The Bend Over Row is a great exercise to isolate the middle back and gain stabilization strength.

Start: With one leg on a flat surface, preferably a bench, bend your torso so your upper body is parallel to the floor. Grab the dumbbell with the side your leg is on the floor with palms facing the torso, and the other hand gripping the bench for support.

How to: Drive the dumbbell straight up to the side of the chest while trying to keep the upper arm close and back parallel. Return the dumbbell to starting position and repeat.

The Kettle Figure 8’s are good for torching the forearms and abs alike while increasing eye and hand coordination.

Start: Getting into a partial squat with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and bend over pushing your hips and glutes back to a nice arch in the lower back.

How to: Grab the kettlebell and pass it to your other arm between your legs then circle it around the calf and vice versa till a full figure 8 is complete.

Fitness Gurls Athlete & Trainer Claire Rae | IG @clairemrae
Photos by Harry Grigsby of LHGFX | IG @harrylhgfx
Clothing by @upvibe | Location Miami Fitness Gym – Burbank
Learn More & Get Training from Claire Rae at

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