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Build Arm Muscle, Build Confidence

Yes, the secret is the tried and true bicep curl and push up.

Go back to basics with this at home fitness plan! This simple and effective morning exercise routine is guaranteed to produce sexy arms. Improve your confidence while building the sexy arms you want with this simple and effective morning exercise plan! Exercising the arm muscles especially the biceps, triceps, and shoulders is important for overall bone health. Furthermore, building a physique that you feel good about is important for your confidence. Taking an extra ten minutes in the morning to perform arm and shoulder exercises will result in higher levels of fitness and higher levels of confidence. The great thing about this exercise routine is that it is useful for people at any fitness level because it is simple to adjust the weight for the curls and work your way down from elevated push ups to full push ups.

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Yes, the secret is the tried and true bicep curl and push up. Push ups are the most effective way to build muscles in your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. As for the bicep curl? The bicep curl defines the arm and makes it sexy.

The Morning 6X6:
For beginners, all you need is two 5 lb. dumbbells for this routine! As you build muscle, make sure to increase the weight of the dumbbells. Begin the first set with six dumbbell bicep curls (arms by side, flex at the elbow) followed by six push ups. If you cannot do a push up on the floor, begin with elevated push ups! An elevated push up is a push up performed on an elevated surface such as a counter top, side of the bed, or couch depending on your ability. The lower the surface is to the ground, the more difficult the push up will be. After the first set, strive for a 1 minute rest period. Repeat the set six times with a 1 minute rest period between each set. After six sets, you successfully completed 36 push ups and 36 bicep curls. Congratulations, you are on your way to improved bone health, improved confidence, and guaranteed sexy arms!

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