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The Benefits of a Speed Parachute

You’ve likely seen the bellowing chutes behind athletes as they train for their sport, but do you know the benefits of using them? Here are the top reasons these professionals and even everyday athletes use them.

Improvement of fast-twitch muscles: Fast-twitch muscle fibers are beneficial for athletes that require short increases in strength or speed. Think short races, boxing, or sports where the athlete must change direction fast, like football and soccer.

Building strength: There’s no denying a stronger athlete has a better performance overall.

Muscular resistance: Does your sport require resistance? Examples being swimming or running against the elements; like the wind. If so, chute training is a must.

To be fair, it’s not an everyday training device. Best results come from cross training and possibly including the speed parachute two or three times per week. High-speed workouts are also necessary for peak performance.

Research shows that including a chute in training provides added benefits for athletes at all levels. Running speeds increase over time, and of course, there is muscle growth. Many high-profile athletes use them in regular training so that should speak volumes when it comes to your decision.