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5 Tips for Building Your Perfect Body

When it comes to building the perfect body that even a Greek God or Goddess would be proud of, it really boils down to what you define or limit as ‘perfection’. This is especially true for many fitness enthusiasts, or those who are not in shape right now and wish to get fit. Having the perfect body may mean that you are strong, flexible, have a strong immune system, and are in good health.

In order to build your perfect body – whatever you imagine it to be – these are the top 5 tips you need to know:

1) Self Motivation
Simply put – if you aren’t motivated – you won’t going to get anything done. More often than not, having a negative motivation such as “I don’t want to be fat” is actually un-motivating in the long run. Instead, move towards something that is phrased in the positive that where you can make a decisive action which will enable you to set a continuous moving target once you have hit those goals.

2) Social Support
Having friends, family, or even just your Trainer to give you psychological and moral support is the key. It is like when you are a boxer – having positive companions around you who help you to move you towards your end goal is the best way to move forwards.

3) Cardio Exercise
Cardio is an absolute must. Why put on those muscles when your heart can’t keep up with everything? Not only does it help you to look good on the outside by helping to lose weight, it also helps by improving your body internally. It helps to improve your internal body systems by improving your immune system and cardiovascular system. Therefore, it will assist in enabling you to creating a healthy body which runs efficiently. Instead of doing just the treadmill which is really just suitable for hamsters, why not do some high intensity cardio programs. These types of programs include sprints and is a great weigh to burn off those calories in less time.

4) Strength Training
Toning and body building an important part of your daily exercise. Did you know that people who look fit and asymmetrical are more attractive than those who are not? Strength training such as circuits using free weights that are short but really intense can assist you in increasing your strength, bone density, posture, and appearance. It also helps to maintain or even increase your muscle mass and protect you from any potential injuries.

5) Nutrition
If you think you can have a burger and fries after a good workout, think again. You are what you eat is what truly makes the difference. Stay away from any kind of fad diet, emotional eating, and processed and packaged foods. Instead, eat food that is high in quality such as vegetables, fruits, and good fish such as salmon. If you still feel hungry after working out, eating fiber will help stave off your diet.

Staying fit is not just a question of whether you can afford to hire a Personal Trainer or pay expensive gym membership fees. Above all, use your common sense and stay away from any kind of crazy diet, shortcuts, passive exercise, and anything that sounds like a false promise.



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