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3 Exercises That Will Jack Up Your Forearms

The forearms is one area which tends to get neglected quite a bit. This area doesn’t get neglected intentionally. It’s just that there are a lot of people who don’t know how or when to put the focus to this area. This happens a lot with men, even some women too.

The kind of exercise that many men give it, I am talking about the private, self-satisfying behavior, this just doesn’t count. You have to give this area strength. Below you will find about 3 exercises which will give your forearms this strength and power. These exercises will not only give this are strength, these exercises will also give your body a healthier outlook.

1) Using a towel. Something simple like this can really give strength to your forearms, in a very big way. Here’s what you do. Take the towel and hold yourself in a “dead hang.” Do this for as long as you possibly can. Try to do it for at least 3 sets. If you can, move it to 5 sets. The point is, do it as long as you can, without overdoing it. Here’s a hint. Hold it for about 30 seconds first. This is your first goal. If you can get it up to a minute, then you will be doing really good.


2) Another thing you can do is a dumbbell curl. Did you know you can use heavier weights on your under-arm curls, when compared to your over-hand curls? There’s a reason for this. This allows you to bring more strength and energy to your lower arms. All you have to do is do it correctly.

Here’s what you do. This curl will allow your underhand to get stronger, on the way up. As you come back down, it draws attention to the weaker side of your forearms. It’s best to do 8-12 reps in a row. Try to do 3 sets first. If you are new to this, 3 sets might be all you can do, for now. As you work harder at it, you can build up to 5 sets. The 5 sets is for those who truly are experienced with this. As you lower your arms during this exercise, you might want to go slowly. This will lessen the damage you face.

3) The final one is the barbell curl, but in reverse. This is a good one to do, if you want to get in some intense, high reps. If you can, do 15 reps to start. Work up to about 20 reps. Try not to do anymore. You don’t want to burn yourself out with this one, though it can be easy to do. Do 3 reps to begin with. Work up to 5 reps. If you really want to psych yourself up, then follow these reps up with some underhand work. This exercise will work every inch of your arms. Your inside veins will really feel the burn on this one.


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