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Tasha Star – Gym Crush

What’s in your gym bag?
What are you go-to items you always take with you to the gym?
My two water bottles, one with Prime Nutrition MAX HP pre workout and one with Prime Nutrition EAA (Prime is one of my awesome sponsors)! I also always have an extra pair of lifting shoes, a set of resistance bands, and of course my headphones! Gotta have the good music at all times!


You’ve been killing it lately on stage and in front of a camera… which one is your favorite?
Thank you! I would have to say The stage 100%. I love shoots but I get to do them more frequently so it’s not as much of a build up in excitement to each one. Nothing compares to that feeling of walking on stage, after working so hard for however many weeks, to show it all off. The rush of being in front of an audience and the judges is unreal! I used to get super scared and nervous but now I absolutely love it. There are still some nerves but a bit of nerves are important to keep you focused and on point! And of course, the feeling of a win is the best ever!


You’ve been really growing in popularity. Our readers wanted to see more of you. What make Tasha Star such a great fit inspiration?
I think from what I feel I portray and what I hear back from my fans is that I’m real. I don’t try to sugar coat anything and I’m very candid about my day to day experiences and how I feel about everything I do. I want people to see the real me, not just some facade. Some people may find me offensive at times or be rubbed the wrong way by my opinions and how I do things as an athlete and coach, but in the long run I am staying true to myself, and I think that in itself earns people’s respect and interest. I genuinely love every aspect of the industry and want to share as much as I can with everyone that follows my journey!


Before you really got started in fitness, who did you look up to in the fitness world?
Amanda Latona and Ashley Horner. They both seemed like hard working super down to earth athletes and I think that observing how they interacted with others as well as their work ethic, helped mould the kind of athlete I wanted to be!


What’s your favorite part about being a fitness model?
Traveling and meeting new people. I get a lot of really cool opportunities to travel not only for shows and shoots but also from my sponsors Prime Nutrition/Blackstone Labs. Things I would have never dreamed of. It truly feels like I’m living the life I always wanted!

What’s your favorite day to train?
I would say leg day but to be honest I train legs so much it’s gone down in the rankings!!!! I honestly would have to say shoulders. I used to HATE shoulder day because it was a really weak body part. Now I love it. I love how my shoulders look and how pumped they get when I train them! I usually incorporate a few pressing movements (overhead barbell press, dumbbell press), tons of side lateral raises, some front raises, and usually finish off with some rear delt flys!!


Diet is always a big part of getting the results you want?
I’m very fortunate in that I function well mentally and physically on a flexible diet. It’s relatively new in popularity and still relieves a lot of flack for people abusing it and promoting 99% of their diet being pop tarts, but when utilized properly, keeping 99% “clean” with room for the odd indulgence that fits your macros, you can get some wonderful results, and it definitely helps you stay sane on longer preps or with multiple shows in a row!


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What’s next for Tasha Star?
Lots more shoots, travel and shows! I have Canadian Nationals in 4 weeks and once I see how I finish there I will plan my next show! Really hoping for a win and shot at an IFBB pro card! I will also be traveling to LA and then Vegas for the Olympia later on this year so I hope to do some shoots while I’m down there and meet lots of new people as well. I also just finished my first ebook program specifically for women, which I made along with my coach Amer. Its officially releasing July 1st and I’m very excited about it! You can check it out at!


Photos by LHGFX

Height: 5’3″
Off Season Weight: 119 lbs
On-Season: 113 lbs
Born In: Toronto, Canada
Resides: Toronto, Canada
Twitter: @tashastarfit
Facebook: Tasha Star Fitness
Instagram: @tasha_star_fitness


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