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Shannah Baker: New Fitness Gurls Australia Sponsored Athlete

Welcome to the team! We think you’re perfect for Fitness Gurls AUSTRALIA… but why does Fitness Gurls Magazine fit you so well?
We want fitness gurls to be a team you desire to be on.. Where fitness models get to portray their bodies in a sexy manner without going overboard! It’s like Victoria secret for fitness! I am so excited to be apart of the team & I know this is the beginning of something truly amazing!


How did you get started in fitness?
I first got into fitness in the lead up to my wedding! Before I knew it, what was an occasional visit to the gym for cardio & light weights.. Turned into a 12 week comp prep & I’ve never looked back! My first show was April 2014.. and to this date I have done 4 shows. Ive been extremely lucky as I was chosen to compete in Las Vegas last year where I earnt my pro card! My last trip was to Miami in June (2015) for my professional debut where I placed second :)!

In the last 1.5years, I have had a lot of amazing opportunities, including this chance to become a Fitness Gurl! Hard consistent work and never being afraid of asking for help.. I always tell myself, “if you never ask you’ll never know, and if the answer is no, you haven’t lost anything!” And I think this quote has honestly helped my career 100%.. as in some circumstances I may have been to shy or intimidated to ask for something, I realised I can gain from the answer yes, and I lose nothing if the answer is no. It’s win win, So go for it!!


What is your biggest challenge in your fitness journey, and how did you over come it?
I think for me, being in front of a big crowd was definitely the hardest! At school I could never do speeches or publicly talk. I’m not even sure I’ve completely overcome the fear! Haha, but it has gotten easier! I still get nervous but I always remember how I love the feeling of adrenaline as soon as I step off! I just think to myself before stage that its all going to be worth it!

What are you most proud of?
I most proud of the person I have become. I am from a small town in Western Australia, grew up with my grandma & always knew life wasn’t going to come handed to me on a silver platter. I moved out of home at 18, met my husband a year later & we have traveled the world together. I have seen a lot and experienced along the way! I am proud that I was strong enough not to fall victim to my past, but to create an amazing future! Remember, you always have the power to change your path.


What does your diet consist of?
I have found that the clean eating has definitely become a lifestyle for me now. Even when I am not on a strict comp prep, I find I like to stick to a well balanced plan. Vegetables, proteins, good carbs, healthy fats etc… When I first started with my coach we figured out my body was best responsive to a white protein and veggie type diet. My body doesn’t react well to red meats, dairy, gluten and most oats/grains.

Competition diet consists of mostly green vegetables & white proteins! Fish, chicken, turkey etc. and of course my supplements from APS nutrition!

What types of cardio work best for you?
I love fasted cardio! This for me ticks all the boxes and helps a lot during a prep. Post workout I do stair master or stepper! feel the burn!

What’s your favourite music to work out to?
Depending on my mood, but usually always- old school rap, hip hop, rnb etc.. Mix it up with a little trap/house but rarely haha!


What’s the one thing you would tell someone getting started in fitness?
It’s going to be hard!!!! But it’s worth it! There are ways to find a healthy balance. Make sure you have a knowledgeable coach and be ready to dedicate yourself 100%!

How does your typical week in the gym look?
My gym focus right now is shoulders, glutes & hamstrings! 6 days on, 1 day rest.


Whats next for you?
Next for me… well… Its meant to be a secret! My next show is in October… Stay tuned! Big thanks to Fitness Gurls! It’s an honor to be apart of the team! Let’s get it! ????????


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