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Miesha Tate: Fitness Gurls Cover Model

The Most Beautiful Woman in MMA

You started out wrestling in high school, why didn’t you pick softball or tennis? What drew you to wrestle?
Wrestling was the only sport offered winter quarter other than basketball and I just can’t play basketball at all I’m horrible at it so out of default I went out for wrestling and instantly fell in love.

Your nickname use to be take-down and now it’s cupcake. but you’re known for being a bad-ass in the cage, does cupcake really fit you?
It does if you know the story. For one, I love to bake and I’m obsessed with Cupcakes. But the story behind the name change was after my loss to Ronda I decided I wanted to have a more positive outlook on my MMA career again so I thought that Cupcake is funny and lighthearted not like “Killer” or “Terminator”. I used to hate it that girls would judge me for wearing makeup, dresses, heels and think that I was weak, like a cupcake based on my outer appearance. Now I embrace it. If you wanna think less of me because I’m feminine so be it, but once that cage door locks you better be ready.

Who are your top 3 favorite MMA fighters?
– Fedor
– Megumi Fujii
– Ben Henderson

Do you have any secret talents people don’t know about?
I don’t know if you would call it a talent but I can make weird shapes with my tongue that I’ve found most people can not do. I’ve heard it’s genetic, either you can or you can’t.

What do you think women’s MMA will look in 3 years?
I think WMMA is here to stay for sure I think it will be more developed, deeper divisions and hopefully we will have another weight class or two added to the UFC!

Do you think you dislike Ronda Rousey as much as she dislikes you?
Hard to say, but I think at this point she dislikes me more. She is by no means my favorite person, she gets on my nerves for sure but I am thankful to have a rival like her. It’s been good for both of us and WMMA so for that I appreciate her as a part of my life. I’ve tried to let go of any severe animosity towards her, life is too short to be bitter!

How much does training with men help you prepare for your fights in the cage?
Training with men and with women has its advantages. The men push you to be better faster stronger, while the women are like the reality check, there’s no excuse to lose to a female in training unless she’s just better so there’s more pressure and also I fight women so I do like to have women to train with as well!

How was your experience being a trainer on The Ultimate Fighter?
It was stressful, but I did my best to do right by my team. Not easy considering there was a wide range of needs with it being the first co-ed season. I think we had more on our plates as coaches than any season before. I enjoyed it and I miss it, but it was one of the more challenging things I’ve had to do in my life.

How do you stay motivated?
I just keep in mind my goals and I know there’s only one way to get there and thats hard work, no one can do it for me.

What does your diet consist of?
I like to juice a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. I also make fresh fruit and veggie smoothies. I do eat meat but I could probably be pretty content as a vegetarian.

What’s your favorite music to workout to?
I like to listen to motivational speeches when I work out, weird right?

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?
– Glutamine
– Protein Isolate
– BCAA’s
– Vitamin B Complex
– Fish Oil

Top 5 tips for people who want to get in shape?
Find something you enjoy doing whether its hiking, biking, cardio kickboxing, jogging or even BJJ so you don’t lose interest.
– Change up your workouts
– Consistency
– Write your daily goals down and hang them up, check them daily
– Find a buddy to keep you accountable preferably someone who does the workout with you.
You’re on the UFC 168 card as the co-main event with the rematch between Chris Weidman and the former champ Anderson Silva, who you got in the rematch?
Honestly, l don’t know. I think the beautiful thing about MMA is that truly anything
can happen.

And do we have a prediction to how you’re going to beat Ronda Rousey on December 28th?
I want to knock her out!

Miesha Tate - Fitness Gurls Magazine Cover - Photo by LHGFX

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