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Meggan Clay : Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

Why do you think Fitness Gurls Magazine is a good fit for you and your career right now?

FItness Gurls represents such a great variety of fitness professionals and and is always motivating the readers with such amazing content. I love how Fitness Gurls can be sexy and classy and the same time. Right now in my career, I am focusing on finding a balance between my busy career and staying fit and healthy. I think it will be beneficial to the readers to find out how I find that balance and my keys to success. I ABSolutely love the interaction that Fitness Gurls has with their audience to help inspire others. It is a great fit for me!

Meggan Clay

How did you get started in fitness?

I was previously a professional dancer and had loved the thrill and energy that I got from working out. I was in the gym about 5 days a week when dancing for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and I instantly found what I was meant to do, working out and health is my passion. It gives me a level of motivation to strive to be my best more than I had ever felt before. Also, it helps to keep a balance, mentally and physically in my life with being healthy and fit while at the same time having a demanding career as a registered nurse.

What kinds of things do you plan to do with Fitness Gurls Magazine?

My goal is to help inspire and motivate other women and men to be there best selves. while also promoting the amazing Fitness Gurls brand. I plan to represent the prestigious magazine through weekly blogs, videos, pictures, and answering questions to whomever to help achieve their own personal goals. Also, I want to help guide readers to a variety of workouts that can be done without having to be in a gym.

Meggan Clay

You’re also a sponsored athlete with American Muscle, one of the up and coming new brands in sports nutrition. What’s the best thing about working with American Muscle?

American Muscle is an amazing brand. The company isn’t just about trying to put a supplement on the market and selling it, but using the best ingredients to help each and everyone to reach their full potential with what their goal may be whether it is to add muscle mass, shed excess weight, or even getting the best workout to their ability with a pre-workout. Every athlete uses protein powder and our Isolyn is unbeatable! It is 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g sugar, and is naturally sweetened with stevia. The flavor is fantastic and it’s not pumped full of fillers. They take athletes’ health into consideration with every product they develop. We also have a line called American Naturals that is a complete all natural line. Make sure to check it out!

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We really love how you can be very sexy, at the same time be very down to Earth, personable and always classy… Fitness Gurls Magazine strives to have that stance too. What else do you have plans for in 2013?

This is going to be a big year for me! With my fitness career, I will be competing at the WBFF World Championships and will bring my best package yet in hopes of taking the Pro Fitness Diva World Champion title. I am currently the World runner-up and my goal is to tackle that number 1 spot. Also, I plan to add some tear-sheets of published work to my portfolio. In regards to my career, I am in the field of regenerative medicine and a variety of stem cell and hormone technologies and plan to expand that knowledge throughout the US with a number of medical facilities. There are some other additions with my career that are in the works that I cannot wait to share with you all! I am looking forward to collaborating with Fitness Gurls and interacting with all the readers! Stay tuned for some amazing content!

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