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Meet InstaCrush Basketball Queen Melody Rae

Apparently we can thank the Kardashians for today’s InstaCrush, because Melody Rae first busted onto everyone’s radar after appearing on their spin-off show Dash Dolls. But after checking out Melody’s Instagram, I have a feeling we would’ve been hearing about her no matter what. Supposedly Melody turned down a D1 basketball scholarship to model professionally, but as you can see from the videos below, she’s still got some serious skills. Both on the court and on social media.

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For the Full Video link is in my bio? My "Full" Statement ????? #Hoops2Heels Just a fun loving little girl at heart doing what she loves to do!! •"I'm all about empowering women. The ladies in the WNBA dedicate their lives to the game and they should be respected for their hard work and dedication. As for wearing sexy attire as a former athlete and advocate for women's rights If it helps to promote the game in any way I'm all for it. I don't think you have to be in a thong or even lingerie by any means. The reality is women aren't seen as true athletes no matter what we do it's awful and sex sells as much as society doesn't want to condone it it's there for all eyes to see. I mean look at this video for instance. We are doing a lingerie calendar shoot and this fun video gets released and goes viral. The fact of the matter is the only reason people are paying attention to it is because of what we are wearing. They watch/replay it and then maybe realize there is actual skill behind what we are doing. I went from hoops2heels so I know both sides very well . I have dedicated my life to ball and also modeling so my standpoint is a little different than most. I believe @gilbertpettyarenas should have taken a completely different approach to this topic but he has freedom to express his own beliefs. I understand what he is saying only because there is beauty, fluidity, athletic ability and grace in the art of basketball which we were trying to portray in this video. This in no way denigrates or detracts from the professionalism of the WNBA! These women are talented and are more than just a pretty face. I will say that we do need a change in some way shape or form because the women in the WNBA are prominent athletes that should have their arenas filled. Whether that be uniforms or something else I'm glad our video shed light on a league that deserves it and I support them whole heartedly."• #grateful #changedmylife ???? @liverichmedia @tamradae @smilepillows

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