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Meet InstaCrush And Former WWE Diva Celeste Bonin

Celeste Bonin may not be a WWE Diva anymore, but the former champ is still giving her fans plenty to cheer about these days. Whether it’s her fitness modeling, her workout wear company Celestial Bodiez, or her regular Instagram posts from the gym, just because the wrestler formerly known as Kaitlyn is retired doesn’t mean she’s been taking it easy.

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#HumpDay is upon us. I may not have the biggest booty but it has come a long way… And you can bounce a quarter of it because it's solid as a rock! I used to be just hamstrings and giant quads ? A few of you know the evolution of my training. I stopped training legs/lower body a few years ago, completely! My body builds muscle like crazy. I thought if I stopped weight training, my body would get smaller and tighter and I wouldn't feel self conscious. After about a year of no weight training for my lower body, I looked soft and squishy, had cellulite and lost any ass I had! So I educated myself and started training smarter. To this day, I train Lower body twice a week (I train 5-6 days a week total). I focus on ham and glutes training while trying to engage my quads as little as possible! I also am smarter about maintaining a healthy metabolism and not "over doing" cardio. The point is, you have to know your body! Everyone is different and the only way to be the best version of yourself is to KNOW yourself! A lot of it is trial and error and I continue to learn about myself daily. Don't give up is something is not working. The key to success is consistency and learning what works for you. Photo by @justinpricephoto Glam by @blacbombshell #curves #celestebraun #celestialbody #celestialbodiez #forbodiesoutofthisworld #primenutrition #blackstonelabs

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