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Lindsay Orange – Gym Crush – Interview & Photos

How and when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I have been active all my life. As a teenager, I participated in every sport I could possibly fit into my schedule: volleyball, basketball, rugby, track and field. Volleyball was probably my favorite and best, skill-wise. Running became a great passion of mine when I vowed to stay in shape following high school and well into university. My Dad took me to my very first gym when I was 14. I definitely owe my devotion to training to him. He put great emphasis on physical fitness in my youth, and it has carried forward well into my adulthood.


What got you started in the fitness industry?
After I finished my nursing degree, I felt I was in need of another goal. I had already been training at the gym quite consistently, and mastered working in a 5-day split within my 12-hour shifts. I started buying fitness magazines for inspiration and advice. The back of the magazines would always feature pictures of the pro fitness contests, and I thought “I wanna try that!” I set myself up with a trainer at my gym, we picked a show for me to enter in and the rest is history. I place 2nd in my first figure show and I was completely hooked.


Along your fitness journey, have you ever felt like quitting… and if so what/who motivated you to keep going?
Oh goodness, yes!! There’s always moments of self-doubt, especially during times of adversity. I have experienced many adverse incidences when training/prepping for shows/shoots- that’s life. But once I’ve committed to something, I will never quit. When things get real tough, I think to myself how great it will feel to overcome that obstacle in spite of everything. Sometimes I WANT the challenge to be more difficult. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.


What types of cardio have worked best for you?
My favorite type of cardio is running- I know it’s an acquired taste. Outdoor running is by far my most favorite, as nothing compares to breathing in that fresh air and taking in some scenery! The endorphin rush is like no other. If I’m resorted to running indoors (which is frequent in our Canadian climate) I will run intervals: changing up my speed, as well as the incline. Running has given me some very shapely and powerful stems (legs)! If I’m really sore, or my joints need a break, I will go on the Stepmill or Arc Trainer.


What supplements do you use… and what are some of your favorites you would recommend?
I am so fortunate to be a sponsored Magnum Nutraceuticals athlete as I LOVE all of their products! They have many useful products for any athlete and purpose. Currently, my stack includes:
Quattro Protein: in either Chocolate Love or Half-Baked Cookies and Cream (taken post-workout or before bed)
Acid: a potent pharmaceutical-grade CLA supplement, taken 3x/day before a meal
Primer Performance Pack: a matrix of vitamins to support brain function, joint mobility, metabolic efficiency, and recovery
Opus: a stimulant-free concoction of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) and vasodilators to promote muscle endurance and recovery (taken either pre or intra-workout)
Hi5: an intraworkout drink, potent in BCAAs, aiding in muscle endurance and recovery (blue raspberry is my favorite!!)


When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your goals?
I think what has been key for me is my drive. I grew up in a disciplined household where you had to earn everything. I will literally do everything in my power to make something happen if I want it that badly. I think that will comes from true passion. The task doesn’t seem all that arduous when it’s a labor of love.That kind of mindset is what I believe separates a champion from a participant.

What’s one tip you would give to a person just starting their fitness journey?
The best advice that I could give is take it one step at a time. When you think of the end result of the goal in its entirety and put so much pressure on the result, it takes the joy of the process away. You MUST learn to love the process. So take it one day, one workout at a time. Keep track of your efforts (nutrition, workouts, measurements) so you yourself can see the progress you are making. Besting yourself is the greatest motivation!


What’s one of your favorite quotes?
“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

What’s next for you?
I am currently undergoing some big changes in my fitness career. I took a year off from competing in figure competitions and focused on some modelling projects. I recently decided to step away from the stage entirely and embrace my inner athlete! This upcoming May I will be competing in my first full length triathlon, and I’m so excited. I have been preparing for two weeks so far, and the challenge has been both humbling and rewarding. I plan on being fit for the rest of my life. To me actual physical fitness is so much more important than how you look in the mirror. Train like an athlete, eat like an athlete, sleep like an athlete- the rest will follow.

For More Lindsay Orange:
IG @orangezilla
Photos by IG @ronperronfitography

That wine pump tho ??? Reppin' @hardmagnum this morning for a progression workout involving shoulders and quads- random right? I love it. It doesn't have to make sense. This was followed by 35 min intervals on the spin bike. . I have been tweaking my nutrition (tweaking is an UNDERSTATEMENT) and I'm still only eating 75% of the MINIMUM carbs I should be… But it's coming. When you've been living life believing the sky is blue, and then someone tells you after 32 years it's green- it takes time to adjust ? Striving to be better, not perfect ? . #hardmagnum #athlete #training #lifestyle #lifestylechange #lifestyleblog #yeg #orangezilla #selfie #selfiesaturday #delts #pump #thatpumptho #thickfit #flexin #carbed #nofilter #stronger #better #igfitness #shebeast #fitspo #fitfam #inspire #aspire #progress

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