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Katie Elkins: Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

Why do you think Fitness Gurls Magazine is a good fit for you and your career right now?

After several months of following Fitness Gurls’ Facebook page, I really liked the camaraderie of the brand. I then met Jason Miller, the owner of Fitness Gurls at the Olympia along with Claire Rae and just really thought they were great people and ambassadors for this industry. I loved the idea of teaming up with Fitness Gurls to further promote fit women inside and outside of this industry!

Katie Elkins - Photos - Fitness Gurls Magazine

What kinds of things do you plan to do with Fitness Gurls Magazine?

Jason and I have talked about several projects for 2013. Potentially including CrossFit style workouts into my training for my upcoming shows. That way I can really put the “athlete” into my bikini competitor title and take on new and exciting challenges. This year I will really be amping up my presence on YouTube with a personal YouTube channel. With this I plan to team up with Fitness Gurls and ALLMAX to further promote not only my personal brand, but my sponsors as well! Photo shoots, magazine spreads, hosting for videos are other projects that will be taking place in 2013 as well!

You’re a NPC Bikini competitor, when’s your next show and how many do you plan on doing in 2013?

June: Jr. Nationals in Chicago. I placed 3rd at this show last year so I plan to come in strong!
July: USAs in Vegas
These are the two shows that are set in stone, but I plan to compete at more national shows this year.

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You’re also a sponsored athlete with ALLMAX, one of the leading brands in sports nutrition. What’s the best thing about working with ALLMAX?

Ah, there is so much to write about ALLMAX and why I am so honored to be apart of this particular brand. First of all, my team is awesome. Every one of the athletes on my team motivates me to be a better person, athlete, friend and ambassador. The guys that we work under are very driven at what they do, which then trickles down to us athletes and what we do. On top of the people I work with, I am able to use ALLMAX products monthly, which has truly maximized my gains during improvement season. ALLMAX has the best products when it comes to quality and taste.

We really love how you can be very sexy, at the same time be very down to Earth, personable and always classy… Fitness Gurls Magazine strives to have that stance too. What else do you have plans for in 2013?

This year I really hope to tie in my own personal brand with the Fitness Gurls and ALLMAX brand in one. I began my own online coaching business this month and as each month goes by, I hope to have a stepping stone in progress or completed. From my own website, YouTube channel, photo shoots, interviews, competitions, magazine appearances, clothing brand launch, you name it!

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