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Jill Bunny #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week August 1st

After graduating with honors in Kinesiology on a scholarship for Volleyball at UNB it was time to become an adult and find a career. My passion for health and fitness lead me to working full time in the fitness industry as trainer, nutritionist and group exercise instructor. However, I felt that I wasn’t being challenged to my full potential. I wanted to put all of my knowledge, skill and physical capabilities together and compete in something that was going to encompass 24 hour a day commitment. I saw a magazine featuring a girl in a bikini competition… and that was it! I thought to myself, this is my calling! 1 year later, I am currently ranked 1st in Canada and 5th in the world as an amateur athlete in Bikini after my debut on the International stage at the Arnold Classic.

I stay motivated by the incredible support system this industry has built, through social media, magazines, and competitions. I also have the most incredible team of coaches that are always there to support and push me when needed. A big motivator is Instagram and seeing all the competitors across the world dedicated to the industry!


Songza.. addicted to top 40 for training and for Cardio.. The Disney track list!

I don’t normally have a cheat meal, but my go to would be sushi and a French martini!

I am lucky “or odd” depends how you look at it, but I don’t normally have food cravings. If I do, I will tend to have a piece of gum or coffee.

A whole lot of food! I eat 6x a day, and have religiously done so for the past 2.5 years. Depending on where I am in regards to shoots/ competitions… my diet will either be higher in carbs or fats. My diet also changes each day, as I fuel my body pertaining to the muscle group I am training and what body part may need more focus. High carb meals for leg days, and higher fat quantities for cardio & shoulder days.


1. My number 1 favorite exercise would be lateral raise because instantly my shoulders will increase in size!
2. I also LOVE glutes workouts. In particular, the lying leg curl machine. This exercise I am able to create a great mind to body connection with the hamstring and glute
3. My 3rd favorite exercise is the dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift. I tend to change my foot position in order to target different angles of the hamstring and glute.

I love Andrea Braznier. Her physique is strong and feminine. She is a true testament of hard work and dedication to the sport.

The biggest thing I have accomplished so far is the success of my business Fit Bunnies Fitness and the growth and development of all Team Bunny members. Changing someone else’s life for the better while in pursuit of being a top fitness model/competitor is the biggest accomplishment of all.


I would highly recommend using a BCAA & glutamine while working out. It is a great way to improve exercise performance and reduce muscle breakdown. I would also recommend putting fish oils, multi-vitamin and Vitamin C into your daily regime.

I dream everyday of being a leading role model for women and young children. Winning trophies and landing covers are an incredible personal accomplishment, but short lived. I want to be able to reach out and empower other people to pursue their dreams and NEVER give up. I want to know that my effort in the industry might save someone else’s life… just like it did for me.

I will be competing for my IFBB Pro Card in Pittsburgh at the North American Championships August 30th. I will then be off to Vegas in September for Olympia weekend.

About Jill Bunny

Height: 5’10
Weight: 140 lbs
Born In: Oakville, Canada
Resides: Canada
Approx. Measurements: 34 DDD Bust, 24 Waist, 34 Hips
Website: /
Twitter: @teambunnyjill
Instagram: fitbunnyjill

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