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Jessica Arevalo – IFBB Bikini Pro – September 2014

How did you get started in fitness?
I got into fitness when I lived with my dad. He taught me bodybuilding the Arnold way. I fell in love and never stopped lifting after that.

How do you stay motivated in your career?
I stay motivated to compete because I am going up against the best so I have to strive to be my best everyday. Also I love to inspire and empower women so that def keeps me motivated.

What’s your favorite music to workout to?
Anything up beat.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

How do you deal with cravings?
Mind over matter

What does your diet consist of?
A lot of proteins, carbs, good fats.

What are your 3 favorite exercises?
Glutes, shoulders, and back.

Which female celebrity’s physique do you admire the most?
Not anyone in particular. For me natural is best so anyone without enhancements I am a fan of.

What celebrity male’s physique do you find idea on guys?
Being in the fitness industry and competing I am surrounded by the best physiques in the world. I use to impressed by male celebs but not anymore.

What supplements would you use or recommend?
NLA for Her women’s supplements my sponsor I swear by them.

What are you top 10 songs to workout to?
Pandora whatever comes on top 40

What’s next for you?
I will be competing on the Olympia stage this September.

Do you have any advice or inspirational words for someone who is aspiring to get into the fitness world?
Get someone that knows what they are doing to get you to your goals the fastest.

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The Fitness Gurls Podcast

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker

The Fitness Gurls Podcast

Hosted by Fitness Influencer Holly Barker


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