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Jen Heward – New Fitness Gurls Athlete

We’re so excited to add you to our roster of athletes… why do you believe Fitness Gurls Magazine is a perfect fit for you and your brand?
Fitness Gurls is classy, beautiful, cute and sexy all in one. It loaded with useful tips, information of real girls and stories! Something we can admire and relate with. Fitness Gurls has personality and that is important! I believe Fitness Gurls is a perfect match with my spunk and goofiness!

What are you most excited about being a Fitness Gurls Athlete?
I have been following Fitness Gurls for awhile now on social media and reading the digital magazines. I have always been so inspired by the beautiful women. It was literally a goal of mine to be one of those girls, to be a Fitness Gurl Athlete! And here I am! I am more then honored and humbled to have the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing team, the girls and the company! Im just excited about everything and the future to come!

Jen you have one of the best physique in the world. What drives you the most to stay in such amazing shape?
This lifestyle is a passion. I don’t view it has work. I wasn’t always into fitness and being healthy. Mostly because I didn’t understand and lacked the knowledge to better myself physically. So its been quite the journey, but I have come to find a balance I love and enjoy. I wake up everyday excited because Im always moving forward, there is no end! My favorite part of a day is when Im presented with a new challenge to tackle, because it tests my strength (mentally and physically) and I know I can over come it. These things keep life interested, reminds us we are alive and we are powerful! To smack any fear or doubts in the face and keep bettering yourself every single day!

You are one of the most inspiring people in fitness, why is motivating people important to you?
Being an inspiration to so many men and woman who want the same thing tops it! Thats motivation in itself. Hearing others stories of there own journey is inspiration to me, because I have been there. I can relate. I understand the tough times, the temptations, the feeling of wanting to give up to the excitement of accomplishing something, making progress with your body or even spiritually. Accomplishing things you use to think was impossible! When others share there success stories or even the journey there currently on, their excitement to even tell me and that i have been their biggest motivator is rewarding in itself. It brings me happiness and peace. These people just want to feel good in their own skin and love what there are doing. And if I can help them just by being a great roll model, leading by example then that is all I need! It only gets better. You only get better. There is no limit to what we can become!

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day ✨ #jenheward Photo @leelhgfx
A photo posted by Jen Heward (@hunnybunsfit) on

What is HunnyBunsFit?
HunnyBunsFit started as a nic name almost 4 years ago when i was told by a stranger I smelled like Hunny Buns. Friends and family joked about it for months until it Kind of stuck! I started social media as HunnyBuns, then it went to HunnyBunsFit and never went away! Its funny because A lot of people assumed it was because of my booty or those boxed pastries called “HunnyBuns”, but it did start there! Haha! What I like about HunnyBuns is it reflects my random goofy personality and my unique style and ways of doing things! It become part of what i do and I actually respond when people call me by HunnyBuns! I have thought about eliminating the name, but I have any numerous people tell me not to! ;)

What’s next for you?
Im always progressing forward. Trying new things, doing new things. The dreams, the goals, the challenges they will never stop! My next step is to start traveling around the US, holding bootcamps at different cities and to meet all you amazing people, my fans. I wouldn’t be here without you! I want to continue to grow our gym Life Altering Fitness INC here in Sacramento CA and expand beyond our town. We want to be the most unique gym that offers everything under one roof. To strive to help others be the best they can be, to find a balance and happiness with themselves thats ideal for every man and woman! We want to see others succeed in their own journeys as well because we no they can!
I want to continue to help grow and expand with my current sponsors Stance Supplements, SixPackBag, Ravish Sands Bikinis, LaBella Mafia, BumBumBacana and now Fitness Gurls! There is no limit to what these companies can do and offer! I believe in these companies and have committed 100% to them. I love their products, I love what they do and what they stand for. Making a difference in the world!

There is no end to any dream or goal, its something we do day in and day out. We can always do something great, be that by personal accomplishments or just by helping one person in achieving theirs!

Hold on Lee…. Lemme get a pic real quick

A photo posted by Jen Heward (@hunnybunsfit) on



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