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Jacqueline Kasen: FG Feature Gurl of the Week September 5th

How did you get started in fitness?
As a child, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said I wanted to help people. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and I knew that helping people meant being a personal trainer. I started participating in sports at the age of three and competing at the age of eight years old. I was born into fitness and it grew into a career filled with passion.

How do you stay motivated in your career?I work with all sorts of clients whether someone is just starting out and ranges all the way to professional athletes. What keeps me motivated are clients that put in the exponential amount of effort and desire to succeed in the fitness field. When they show up wanting to work hard and are so focused on their goals whether it’s fat loss or healing from an injury, that gives me all the motivation in the world to help aid them in their achievement. When a client sincerely hugs you and thanks you, it’s the most fulfilling feeling in the world.


What’s your favorite music to workout to?I usually love to listen to House or Hip Hop music, however, lately I’ve been listening to Muscle Prodigy which is my ultimate favorite. Muscle Prodigy contains motivational speeches over a background of music and completely motivates me and pushes me during my workouts.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
I’m an Italian from the Northeast; the answer is simply pizza! lol

How do you deal with cravings?
I try and keep everything balanced and in moderation when not shooting. I have a designated cheat meal once a week where I allow myself to go nuts! That way during the rest of the week, I feel healthy eating well.


What does your diet consist of?
It consists of lean protein, vegetables, carbs, and healthy fats. For protein I have chicken, salmon, bison, mahi mahi, tuna, halibut, and whey protein predominately. For carbs, I have quinoa, whole grain brown rice, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, steel cut oats, etc. For fats, I have the essential omegas and avocados to name a few.

What does you weekly workout schedule look like?I lift heavy weights/resistance training 5x a week, doing HIIT once a week, and one day completely off while spending the time to SMR/mobility.

What’s one of the most important thing you do to maintain your physique?
I have to lift really heavy weights. I can lose size/muscle quickly and I can appear to be smaller. Therefore, I am constantly trying to push weight to keep some size and to stay really lean.

What’s one of the biggest things you’ve accomplish your life as a fitness personality?
As far as a fitness personality, two years ago I received a sponsorship from the global brand Reebok where they promote me as a personal training.


What supplements would you use or recommend if any?
Pre- workout, I have BCAA’s with water. Post workout, I have a protein shake with whey protein powder, glutamine, and glucosamine. During the day I’ll have two tbsp of a liquid probiotic and fish oil. Right before bed, I have liquid calcium, magnesium, citrate.

What are you top 10 songs to workout to?
1. N.A.S.A- Hide (Tropkillaz Remix ft Aynzli Jones)
2. Dawin- Just Girly Things
3. Dirty South- Your Heart
4. Seven Lions- Don’t Leave ft Ellie Goulding
5. Jeremih- Don’t Tell ‘Em (ft. YG)
6. MGK- Invincible (ft Ester Dean)
7. Muscle Prodigy- Preparation Wins
8. Muscle Prodigy- Silence is Golden
9. Muscle Prodigy- Uncomfortable vs. Exhaustion
10. Peace Treaty- In Time (Singularity Remix)

If you can do one thing in the fitness industry what would it be?
Educate people how to exercise healthy, effectively, and injure free.

What’s next for you?
Be a fitness personality to start lecturing and teaching on a broader spectrum by expanding the Kasen Fitness brand.

About Jacqueline Kasen

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130lbs
Born In: Hillsdale, NJ
Resides: Miami Beach, FL
Twitter: KasenFitness
Facebook: Kasen Fitness
Instagram: KasenFitness



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