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Hope Beel Memorial Day Special CowGurl Up

Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer for so many. What are you doing to get ready for

I train year round, so I’m not doing anything drastic in my fitness plans. I do live in Texas and I’m dreading the heat but I’m sure I will have several trips planned to get away.


Where is the best place to get relaxation?
I can find relaxation anywhere outdoors whether it’s the beach or the mountains.


You’re so busy with work and travel. What do you do when you want to feel at home or when
you’re feeling home sick?

Honestly, I am such a homebody, typically when I am actually in Texas at home I just like to stay indoors and watch TV. If I’m traveling and I am feeling exhausted and just want to relax I will watch a movie on Netflix in the hotel room.


You’ve recently started working with your boyfriend. How has it been mixing work with

Actually, we started our business together as soon as we met pretty much it’s been an awesome journey because we know that we are building an empire together and we work extremely well together. This part is where we create memories every day and we are able to travel the world together is a very special opportunity that we are extremely blessed to have.


Where is the point in your career when you stop and say, “Yes, I’ve made it!”?
I don’t think I will ever stop I don’t have that kind of personality honestly for me if get bored if I’m standing still so I’m always looking for new then cheers to push myself.


If you could work with any athlete or celebrity, who would it be and why?
Kate Hudson, I love that she recently has gotten into fitness and created her own brand I follow her on Snapchat and she is hilarious I honestly think working with her every day would be super fun and exciting.

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