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Hope Beel Fitness Gurls March 2018

Photos by Brett Seeley



Hope Beel is one of the most beautiful women in the fitness industry. A true fitness icon. Fitness Gurls Athlete, 2x Fitness Gurls Cover Model, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, fashionista and fitness influencer. We’re so glad she’s back within the pages on our magazine.

Have we seen you at Fitness Gurls for a while, for our new readers, tell us how and when you started with FG?
Actually, I was competing in the search for the Flex model during Olympia and there I had my first fitness photo session with Ludwig Araujo. After we did the photo session, he sent the images to Fitness Gurls and they liked them! From there Fitness Gurls gave me the opportunity to become an athlete and it has been an incredible journey, I am so proud to be part of the Fitness Gurls family, they treat me great and I have had some incredible experiences that I could not have without them.

When did you decide that you wanted to be part of the Fitness industry or was it just coincidence?
I decided to start in the Fitness industry four years ago when I went out with a personal trainer and he convinced me to compete in an NPC show. After competing I fell in love with how challenging but rewarding it is, I also saw how addictive the fitness industry could become. So from there, I started to build my brand and help other people.

Have you done another kind of modeling before?
Yes, I worked as a model at the university, I was in the modeling organization at the University of North Texas, I won the UNC’s Next Top Model. I also did some commercial work, but I never did Fitness modeling, which has always been the type of body I’ve had and it’s where I’ve always had to be.

Your physique is very fit, but, equally, you are very feminine and curvaceous, what kind of training do you do to maintain it?
I have always mixed training styles, I never lift heavy by my body type, I can build muscle very easily in the lower part of my body, so I usually train with a lighter weight with more repetitions and I incorporate a lot of plyometrics in my trainining. Of course I’m always training glutes.

For our readers, what can you do to get some glutes like yours? What exercises do you use?
Do not refuse food, honestly, if you want to build muscle and build glutes, you have to eat, I also love to exchange exercises that work the different areas of the glutes. For example, hip impulses, leg lift with dead weight and back kick.

What kind of music do you like? Do you listen to different music styles when you are training?
I love all kinds of music, it depends on the day and the mood in which I find myself, I love the Apple Music application since I can always listen to something new or just listen to a different genre of music on the radio.

Are you very strict in your diet most of the time or do you allow yourself more freedom with what you eat? Do you take any supplement?
I am a great believer in the balance, I always try to stick to a healthy diet during the week, but if I have a craving I enjoy it but I make sure to return to my healthy diet afterward. In addition, I already know my body, after having trained for 4 years I know what I can and what I can not do in terms of the type of meals. If I take supplements, I am a great believer of supplementing the diet with a good BCAA, Omega-3 fish oil, wheat protein and daily essential vitamins.

For more Hope Beel @hopebeel
Photos by Brett Seeley @seeleyfoto


Jala Sue: Fitness Influencer Spotlight

11 Questions with Paddleboard Instructor, Athlete, Model and Mother of 4



Photography by @kallyone

You’re one of the biggest fit Inspirations for mothers on social media. How did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I have always been into health & fitness, but it wasn’t until I after the birth of my twins that I went all out hardcore in my training. I was on bed rest for 5 months of my pregnancy & it ignited a fire & drive inside me unlike ever before.

I had been paddle boarding all the time and saw the physical benefits. I took it a step further and got certified to teach, I started racing.

Then I got hooked on the Barre’ method I trained to be an instructor, taught classes locally for 3 yrs & now teach privately in my home to a select few. I absolutely love helping others feel better about themselves, providing them with encouraging attainable ways to improve their lifestyle & achieve goals.

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Jala Sue

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model and a mother?
The most challenging part is being disciplined mentally on staying positive that all will be okay someday. Traveling and being a single mother, it’s a constant balancing act.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
Stand up paddle boarding at a fast pace for about 45 min. Barre Methodology with weights. And, I have always loved a quick run around my neighborhood for a good cardio, fat burning & mental meditation stress relief.

Jala Sue

Do you listen to music while you train? And what’s are your favorite types of music you like working out to?
Listening to music when I train is an absolute must for me. Tunes with a good beat, I’m a lover of good ol’ Trap, hip hip with of course some pop sprinkled in.

Do you ever encounter stereotypes from the way you look?
I encounter stereotypes every time I step outside my home for the way I look. Especially being a mother of 4. Honestly, I still struggle with how people can be so cruel with judging one on appearances without getting to know them first. It’s about mastering the art of not caring what others think, but let’s keep it real. that’s not always easy. I am comfortable & confident in my own skin, proud of who I am as a woman, mother, daughter & friend.

Jala Sue

What was your favorite photo shoot location?
Oooh, that’s a tough one, as I have a few, but his past July though I was in Vegas for a week shooting bikinis & fitness lifestyle. This shoot, in particular, I found myself surrounded by genuinely kind, creative people who worked their tooshes off and never complained once that the heat index was over 115 degrees. It was an incredibly positive experience. Other than that Australia 🙂

Jala Sue

What is your current training style, routine or split?
I do Barre method for around 45 minutes 2-3 days a week. On those off on days, I will either go for a 40-minute paddle or fast run for 3 miles. When I watch movies at night, I do crushes & planks.

What are your favorite clean foods?
I love daily healthy smoothies, I am a big Juicer as well for keeping my immune system strong. Meal wise, I’m a fan of steak & chicken, salads. I love fresh veggies.

Jala Sue

Splurge foods?
Chips, I’m a chipaholic! also, sour patch kids 🙂

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Skydiving this past winter & I can’t wait to do it again & again.

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
The hardest part is finding a workout routine/class you love to do. Then I suggest, making small weekly goals. Don’t let fear paralyze you, let it motivate you. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Set alarms in your phone to remind yourself to workout. Are mornings, afternoons or evenings better for your schedule? Start with 3 days a week, committing to 1hr each time. once you get in the habit of this, I guarantee you will feel so good you will want to add more.

Lastly, find a workout buddy. It’s much more fun to have someone that can hold you accountable & in turn you hold them accountable. It’s a win-win for both people. plus, some of best friends have come from being my workout partners.

More about Jala Sue:
Follow her on IG: @fitnessmodelmom
Photos by @kallyone Joshua Kallio

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Fit Fashionista

Jordan Edwards is a Fit Fashionista



Jordan Edwards is quickly becoming one of the female fitness models to watch going into the end of the year and next year. She has the look, she has the personality, and she has a very strong and loyal fan base… one of the strongest in fitness. One of the things we really love about her is her fashion sense. Almost everything looks great on her. Wheather it is a night on the town, a bikini on the beach, or just something casual, Jordan Edwards is an incredible woman and one to watch.

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Janna Breslin Drops Bikini Shoot BTS Video



Photo by @sdtrojan

Former Fitness Gurls cover model Janna Breslin dropped a couple awesome behind the scenes videos on Instagram of her latest bikini photo shoot. One of the best bikini models and fitness influencers in the world rocked a super cute cheetah-print bikini. Watch below.

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This mornings shoot 🌊☀️ VIDEO 1: 💁🏻‍♀️Selfishly checking angles. VIDEO 2: 😅 How to keep warm during an early morning beach shoot – ANYWAY, Let’s talk about something… Is it possible to have a lean, strong, healthy body and not be obsessive about calories burned or macros counted? FREAKING YES‼️ Unfortunately so many people don’t believe that’s true… Currently my relationship with fitness and how I view myself is the healthiest it’s ever been. I train with the intention of performance and athleticism instead of calories burned. Literally “athlete mentality” not “model mentality” 🙌🏻 I eat to fuel and I enjoy my meals. I do not count macros (I do make sure I get enough protein though) and I am not a slave to the “nutrition facts” labels. I enjoy life and have fun. 🚫 No, I am not shredded or the most muscular chick and my goal is not to have the best physique on social media or w/e. My goal is to be strong, healthy, and mentality stable. THIS IS HEALTH & this is what I want to inspire others to feel 💕 ———————————————— Want to try my daily workouts, meals, & recipes? Hit the link in my bio 📲 ________________ TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ⇗ ________________ #trainwithjanna #motivation #inspire #bodybuilding #girlsthatlift #abs #workoutvideo #healthybody #workouts #sandiego

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