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Hope Beel: Fitness Gurls Cover Model – March 2015



How does it feel getting your first cover with Fitness Gurls?
I am so excited this is a dream come true!

We know that getting a cover has had to have been a big goal for you. Now that you have accomplished that, what is your next big goal?
I just want to continue to build my brand and hopefully I will grace covers of other major magazines.

How long ago did you begin your fitness journey and what first got you started?
I have always been an athlete but three years ago I really started my journey. I started to compete in bikini fitness competitions and I’m currently trying to win my pro card. Two years ago at the Olympia I shot with the photographer Ludwig Araujo and he helped me get my first spread in Fitness Gurls magazine; from there things really took off and I started shooting more with other photographers that I loved and started partnering with some of my favorite brands.

Watch Hope Beel’s behind the scenes video for Fitness Gurls Magazine
Shot by LHGFX

What is the biggest change you had to make since beginning your fitness journey?
The biggest change would probably have to be my discipline. When you have to stay on top of your body 24/7 it’s important to stick to your goals. Also, I don’t really go out and party anymore just because it doesn’t pair well with my goals, I’m much happier this way because I’m always focused to stay on track.

So many people start a fitness program only to get frustrated with themselves and give up. What advice would you give someone who is struggling?
Have an accountability partner to help you stay on track, also start off with little small goals instead of one big goal because once you achieve something small it gives you confidence to go for something bigger.

How do you personally stay motivated?
I surround myself with people who have the same goals in mind as I do when my friends or family are achieving in their fitness goals or career goals it inspires me to do the same!


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learn since you started getting serious about your fitness?
You have to find what works for you; there so many ways to get fit and healthy in the marketplace but if you always believe what someone else tells you is the right way then maybe you’re jeopardizing your own results! It’s definitely a learning process and everyone’s bodies work in different ways so I have found it’s all about balance. I once ate a very limited calorie diet and killed myself with cardio and almost ruined my metabolism but now that I follow my own personal plan I realize that I can still have my pizza and abs too!

How do you balance your fitness lifestyle with your personal life?
Fitness is my personal life, my boyfriend and I work out together every single day and I host free fit camps my community so I’m constantly surrounded by people who motivate me. Even when hanging out with my girlfriends we will do something like a yoga class instead of going out for drinks.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about fitness?
That there is a magic pill or people are just born with good genetics. I personally have achieved my results by hard work and dedication and I have seen huge changes in the way my body looks, if genetics were the case I would have no curves, ha and I have not taking any magic pills haha, I think supplementation is important but I don’t think that’s the only way that you can get results.


What does your current weekly workout schedule look like?
I currently work out six days a week and take one rest day typically I do 30 minutes of weight training and 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio I really like to mix up my workouts and I never do the same thing, by the end of my training session I like to be drenched in sweat and I don’t think it needs to take two hours to do so.

Give us a snapshot of your nutrition plan:
Meal 1, Time of day: 7:00am
4 oz protein, 4 oz carbs

Meal 2, Time of day: 9:30am-10:00am
High protein snack

Meal 3, Time of day:12-1pm
4 oz protein, 3 oz carb, 4 oz veggie

Meal 4, Time of day:3-4pm
Post workout shake

Meal 5, Time of day5-6pm
High protein snack

Meal 6, Time of day7-8pm
4 oz protein 4 oz veggie


What is your favorite cheat meal?
Hamburger and sweet potato fries with carrot cake

What is your favorite body part to train and why?
Glutes, I hold the most fat in that area of my body so trying to build more muscle there is key.

Give us your favorite workout:
(Exercise, sets, reps)
Filthy fifty vol.1(do 50 reps of each exercise in any order you like)
Power clean
Step 360 burpee to shoulder press to a box jump
Squat jumps on TRX
Side squat with Arnold press
Step up One leg hop with lunge on bench
Step up Shoulder Press with kick back on bench
Single leg power squat with press using weighted ball
Drop set shoulder press
6 ways
Kettlebell side lunge

What is your other interests/hobbies/work besides being a fit model?
I like to cook, Bikram yoga, watch movies, and I’m guilty for watching too much reality TV.
I’m currently working for the Julie Freemon Agency so I travel a lot for a events for her, i’m also a Texas motor Speedway sweetheart so you can see me on the big screen at the NASCAR races!


What has been your most awkward gym moment?
I don’t really get embarrassed easily but I have had a major trip up where I fell in the middle of a work out while I was doing box jumps. I wouldn’t say it was embarrassing but it was definitely awkward.

What attributes do you have that contribute to your success?
I would say that I am extremely driven and motivated to succeed. Anyone can use their excuses to why they are not successful but I just use mine to be the reason why I am.

How would you describe your personal style?
Majority of the time I’m extremely casual but I like to get dressed up weekly. I mostly only wear black and neutral colors it’s very rare to see me and something bright.

What do we have to look forward from you in 2015?
I really do feel like 2015 is my year I have a lot of great things in the works with building my brand. I can’t wait to see what Fitness Gurls and I do together as well as my Herbalife business and my personal brand Hope Beel.

Photo by LHGFX Photography | Shot outside Las Vegas, NV


Christmas Abbott Gym Crush

Featured in the 2017 Fitness Gurls Swimsuit Issue



You can’t say tough without thinking of Christmas Abbott and the achievements under her belt. At 35 years of age, Abbott has become a household name within the fitness and entrepreneurial community. You may have seen her on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine or on popular TV shows such as Big Brother (last season), Big Brother: After Dark and a slew of intriguing and hilarious interviews. She’s our Gym Crush.

Also: See Christmas Abbott on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine

You were on our cover this year as our Most Inspiring Physique in Sports because you were mostly known for Crossfit. But you also are known for Nascar and now Big Brother! What gives you that confidence that no matter what you do, you’re going to be pretty awesome at it?
First, THANK YOU!!! That was such an amazing award! Confidence is a muscle that needs to be trained and worked at consistently and I have been working on it for a long time. While doing that I committed to try new things and be willing to “fail” as most people perceive. I don’t know what the outcome of my ventures will result in but I do know that I would rather try my hardest and prepare for my best and stumble than not try at all! So if that means that I am pretty awesome at what I take on, then I’ll take it!

Starting so many new projects, are you afraid of making rookie mistakes?
I have always enjoyed creating things and seeing their growth and potential; from businesses to people. It’s a beautiful thing to watch something you imagine come to life. I try my best to do my due diligence on any project that I approach to ensure it is as successful as I can make it within my ability. I often reach out to mentors, friends, and associates to get ruthless feedback in hopes to prevent any “rookie” mistakes. If it does happen, it’s a learning experience!

How was it staying at the Big Brother house… and how’s your foot?
The BB House was like adult summer camp with no phones and no contact with the outside world. It was such a unique and fun experience collectively that I feel really special to have it. The foot is healing. I have surgery soon to take out the hardware from the first surgery and after that, I am on the official road to recovery. It has been a slow and frustrating process but I am keeping positive about it and hopefully showing the world that you can have something tragic happen and still accomplish big things!

Another thing that you’re recently started is your online training platforms, what kind of shape do you need to be in to do your workouts?
BBX is an awesome combination of my workouts that can be done anywhere and for anyone! I know it sounds cliche but its true. All of my BBX’ers get workout videos, online community, downloadable e-books, and exclusive access to my other projects and offers. What I love MOST about the BBX program is that people sign up for a body transformation and they get major results along with a complete confidence transformation! They are such incredible people!

You seem like you’re even busier than ever, do you still have time to train as much as you use to?
Now that I am out of the BB House and getting to use my foot more I am back on a regiment. Even when I couldn’t put weight on my foot I was doing some sort of training to keep my sanity in check but also let my body know I still loved it. Body’s are meant to move! I am not training competition style right now and it looks like that won’t happen until the summer. I am loving my mix of CrossFit Invoke (my gym), spin class, and hot yoga. The combination is so good for my body and spirit.

Tell me what you have going on with Dick’s Sporting good and Second Skin Apparel?
Dick’s Sporting Goods launched their own apparel line, Second Skin. Second Skin is absolutely appropriately named!! They have a compression line and a training line. So I don’t have to go to two different companies for all of my needs! They have been an incredible company to work with and really take my input seriously. The clothes keep up with me, my demands for my body, and feel so darn good!!

Where did you learn so much about business?
HA! I have always been interested in business but it takes a lot of discipline. I didn’t graduate from college and went to work in Iraq as a civilian contractor instead which ultimately became my life college. In Iraq I learned how to be organized, detailed, commitment, and of course CrossFit! Those key skills aligned with passion can create a potent product. I have done a lot of research on whatever I venture into and when possible I leaned on mentors or sought out professional advice. Ultimately, I learned as I went but it wasn’t a “go with the flow” approach. I prepared for all of my projects as much as possible and as they were executed I learned more and more about business over the years.

You’re also an incredible model. How do you stay in such great shape year round?
Ha! Well, thank you again! I don’t consider myself a model rather than an athlete. I workout to help my journey with myself, it fuels me in such a positive way that I cannot get any other way. A healthy combination of fitness, nutrition, and enjoying life can keep you in the best, most positive shape possible. I love the balance it provides and I’m cautious not to get too far into body image that it affects my balance, meaning I enjoy drinks with my girls and holiday foods guilt free!

What’s next for Christmas Abbott? What should we be watching out for next?
I have just launched an amazing supplement company called Bourn Relentless! I wanted to create a line that I loved with all of the things that I would use with the ingredients I would put into my body, so I DID! I am really excited about this launch and the products that I have created so far. Check it out at

Also, I am in the final phases of a project that has been in the works one way or another for almost five years! CAN is an online coaching nutrition program that is education driven and a one-stop shop for macro calculating, goal tracking, meal resources, workout regiments, and supplements suggestions. It is super user-friendly and will have a ton of support for the client so they feel empowered and educated throughout their entire lifestyle change. I am so proud of this project and what it will do to help people truly understand the fundamentals of nutrition within their lifestyle without feeling helpless, confused, or restricted. CAN will help people make the lifestyle changes they have been wanting! People can sign up through my website to get in the know for when it will launch and even an early bird discount for sign ups!

As for life, I am enjoying time with family and friends as much as possible and leaning into an adventure. I have had a lot of personal growth this year and I want to be sure I reflect on it and not take it for granted.

Find more about Christmas Abbott at: @christmasabott
Photos by Ohrangutang @ohrangutang / Makeup by Cristina Pilo @cristinapilo

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