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Hope Beel – All American Girl – Celebrate the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! How do you usually celebrate your 4th of July?
Every year my apartment host a rooftop pool party with a DJ and catered food. I typically rent out a cabana and have a great time with friends! Kaboom town, One of the top rated firework shows is right across the way!


What the most American thing you’ve done this week?
Eat a burger and fries, how much more american does that get.

Hope Beel Booty

Which exercise in the gym do you spend the most time on?
Probably deadlifts.

You do Herbalife, what’s your favorite shake from their line of products?
Rebuild Strength, it’s a post workout shake that taste like chocolate milk!


They call the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team… Why are they your team?
I grew up watching the Cowboys it’s forever instilled in me.


And lastly, we can’t do an interview without talking about ‘ya booty… give the readers one tip in training your glutes?
Don’t think that just doing squats is going to help you build a booty; I incorporate a ton of plyos into my workouts: lunge jumps, squat jumps, boxtops, anything of that sort to get the booty an extra boost!

Hope Beel / Fitness Gurls Athlete / IG @HopeBeel
Christian Avanti Photgraphy / IG @christian_avantifoto




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