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Heidi Cannon Unleashes Summer Vibes In Hot Bikinis

Heidi Cannon returns with yet another steamy photoshoot and interview.

Heidi Cannon Fitness Gurls
Photo by @brandondavidimages

We are happy to be back interviewing one of our favorite fitness models, who is as talented as she is beautiful. The gorgeous lady in question is none other than Heidi Cannon. A true alpha, Heidi has more accomplishments than we can count under her belt already, having a career in motocross, a decade of dance experience, launching her own baking app with plenty of healthy recipes, and of course, a WBFF Pro.

Here we team up with her once more for an amazing new photoshoot, and to catch up with her and see what she’s been up to as of late.

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Being a fitness model is all about looking your best, and means having countless eyes on you at all times. What do you find most challenging about the process?

What I find most challenging about the process is being in perfect shape 365. Definitely can be hard at times and I can feel super critical of myself if I’m not stage-ready. 

For fans that have been keeping up with your IG, it’s no surprise you’ve been looking fantastic even today. How have you managed to keep that glow up so consistent?

Oh, thank you! Well, it definitely helps that I work part-time for an amazing doctor! We sell the best skincare treatments & medical-grade skincare out there! I never tan my face and I always wear sunscreen.  

You look fantastic! With self-Isolation being mandatory has placed a lot of restrictions on people training in the gym. How have you bypassed this problem to stay in such incredible shape despite quarantine?

It’s been definitely a hard time for everyone! Fitness to me is a great let out just in general so with quarantine it’s an even bigger motivation for me to keep consistently in my life. I am incredibly blessed that I have a gym in my house so there are really no excuses! A good sweat at least once a day is key. Even if it’s just a quick HITT workout. 

Is there an inspiring quote or a line of dialogue from a book/movie/show that has spoken to you, that motivates you?

My dad’s Quote- “Go big or go home” always resonates with me. Step out of the box, dream big, and go try something new.

Accomplished, successful, and beautiful people like you are a paragon for folks looking for inspiration, and you’re quite a great example of that since you’ve always been on the move chasing dreams and prepping to achieve your goals along the way. I’m sure our readers and particularly fans of yours would like to know, what’s next for Mrs. Cannon?  

Aww wow, thanks! With everything going on in the world the things I do know I can control right now and that I can focus on is; growing my online empire (Posing clients/ Workout plans, activewear, and of course my CannonBalls protein ball mix).

When travel restrictions open up more than absolutely getting back on the  WBFF pro stage in 2021 and going for that world title! Also being able to host and do video promotions gigs throughout the states. 

Oh and not to forget the biggest thing riding my motorcycle all over America.

Photography by Brandon David Images @brandondavidimages
Bikinis by Ami Clubwear @amiclubwear



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