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Heidi Cannon Love for Dirt Biking



Photos by Skaska images

“Braaaap” is the ever used slang terminology that goes around the dirt bike community … Its The sound a good old motorbike makes dirt biking has been a massive passion in my life for years now, I started riding moto at 17. My Boyfriend at the time raced motocross and I had always thought it looked amazing to try so I asked him to teach me, he replied no! I, of course, dumped him, bought my own bike and have never looked back. I spend 6 weeks a year in California riding as much moto as I possibly can! I would have to say jumps are my favorite part of riding my bike, it’s an unreal feeling of being in the air on a 200 pound plus machine. I also love seeing younger females getting involved in the sport and seeing the limits of “A gurl “riding a dirt bike can really do lol! I dig a chick that can play in the dirt and clean up nice for a date.

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Motocross is an off-road racing sport that is raced on a closed circuit track, there are multiple riders going around at a time and the first person to complete the required number of laps in the shortest period of time wins. Motocross tracks all vary in technicality and length. There are numerous obstacles including tabletop jumps and double jumps to clear on the track. If you have never actually watched a race I definitely recommend, especially in person if you can, you will appreciate how long and even how high some of the jumps send the riders.

Motocross riding is demanding on so many levels. Anyone who participates in the sport of motocross riding already knows, first hand, the physical and mental drain on the body. The sport is definitely a full body workout, meaning lean body mass, core strength, along with a strong positive frame of mind are all major necessities. You require the strength and stamina to maneuver a 200+ pound piece of machinery with precision around the track using every muscle from head to toe including ones you didn’t even know existed.

Before the mid 90’s motocross was a completely different scene, the pro level riders would definitely indulge in the party scene on there off days. As motocross progressed top level riders elevated the sport by incorporating fitness programs into their routines. Today most, if not all top racers have a full-fledged fitness program involving top trainers and meal plans to keep on them on the straight and narrow. This has now made the sport much more technical and challenging to be a full-time racer but also has dramatically improved the bike skills and speeds we see today.

Ken Roczen, Chad Reed, and Justin Brayton are just a few of the big names in the sport of Supercross (indoor motocross). The series runs a total of 16 races across the country from the beginning of January to mid may. Every Saturday night 40 top riders battle it out for 16 races to try and get the coveted title of the supercross champion. Each race stadium is typically packed with over 40 thousand fans that come to watch the excitement.

To me watching a pro on the track flying by at 40 MPH and 20+ feet in the air is like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger lift big in the gym. It’s incredibly impressive!

So thanks to my old ex-boyfriend for introducing me to the greatest action ports of all time.

Heidi Cannon’s Workout

Here’s a go-to burner for you to try!
5 rounds with 15 seconds rest in-between
20 pull-ups
20 box jumps
10 burpees 
20 kettlebell swings 
5 rounds with 20 seconds rest in-between 
10 One arm kettlebell chest press
(on swiss ball) 
20 Jackknives (On swiss ball) 
10 walking lunges with weight 
8 deadlifts 

Combining these two will give you a sample of a short and long interval training, the type of interval, maximum exertion training with constantly varying movements will build your strength endurance, metabolic conditioning, balance, and agility.

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Nina Agdal Is A Stunning Goddess



SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal has been killing it lately on Instagram. Her physique has bounced back from 2017 and she’s back in her peak shape again.

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Felt skinny, might get fat later

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Didn’t see ya there

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Heidi Cannon A Woman On The Move



Photo by @lizrosa

When did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?

I have always been active my entire life; From karate, motocross to dance I’ve always been involved in some sport but it wasn’t until I got engaged and was prepping for my wedding day that I really got involved into fitness. I had a friend that was a trainer who I hired to whip me into the best shape of my life. I had no clue about nutrition 7 years ago, I ate pretty much anything I wanted to and lived on pizza and coffee (I still do enjoy these things but not every day lol) When he gave me a meal plan and taught me about what foods to eat to fuel my body I was blown away. I had more energy than before I learned what foods were good for me and what foods I had thought were so-called low cal.

I started to lift regularly and fell in love with the process of seeing my body change before my eyes. I was hooked! In the first year of marriage, I did three fitness shows lol now there’s a test on the marriage haha! 

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Photo by Liz Rosa for Fitness Gurls Magazine

You recently placed Top 5 at the WBFF Worlds this year, how amazing was it being on stage at
the Worlds?

I can’t tell you how much I’m still over the moon happy about my placing at worlds! It was an incredible line up of women! As always the WBFF stage was top notch! Hosting at the Bellagio it was a beautiful location and 4 days of getting super glamorous! I found out after the show was done and they posted the official standings I actually ended up coming in 4th ! I’m so excited to start training for the LA pro show my plans are to get that crown.

Are you still planning to compete again in the future?
Most defiantly! I’m going to be doing the WBFF LA Pro show in April 2019, I
can’t wait! 

Photo by Liz Rosa for Fitness Gurls Magazine

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?

I think for me one of the hardest things is feeling like- “Am I not lean enough? Am I too fluffy?” That sometimes self-doubt that everyone has at times but is amplified if I have an upcoming shoot. Again something that I continually work on. 

Do you listen to music while you train? 

I’m a huge Rap and R&B girl new school for sure but old school is my favorite! I can rhyme pretty much every 2pac and Bone Thugs and harmony song you can think of lol and on the total flip side I will definitely jam out to Metallica or Pantara depending on the day lol Leg day for sure some heavy metal.

Do you enjoy cooking?

To begin with I actually hated the thought of cooking or baking and steered clear of the kitchen as both my grandmas and mother were great cooks.  It wasn’t until the night that I met my future husband who asked if I could cook, and I said “yes” to impress him, and totally faked it for the first 6 months.  I had to learn quickly on my own and got into watching programs on the Food Network to get inspiration.  Now, as I’m writing this, I’m hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for 42 people and couldn’t be happier being in the kitchen.  So, the moral of my story is:  “don’t mock it until you try it”.  

Photo by Liz Rosa for Fitness Gurls Magazine

What is your current training style, routine or split?

Right now I’m 5 day training with 5-6 days cardio followed with typically 2 days of dance gigs. 

Monday – Leg Day & Cardio 

Tuesday  – Shoulders & Back /Cardio Plus
       1 hour dance practice 

Wednesday  – Legs & Abs /Cardio 

Thursday – HITT training 

Friday – Shoulders & Abs Cardio –
       Belly dancing gigs 

Saturday – Cardio Bellydance gigs 

Sunday – Off, or if the weather is nice up
       here in Canada I will typically ride my
       dirt bike.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
Clean foods it has to be Halibut or Cod I looove fish with a side of basmati rice and broccoli is a staple for me. And a big surprise for my splurge meal is PIZZA , I literally have a small pizza slice tattoo on my foot just to solidify my love for the little triangle of goodness.

We love your Cannon Balls, tell us about your new project?

I’m so excited about my newest adventure! Since creating my app, Mrs. Cannon’s Kitchen, which I’m proud to say is selling in over 44 countries all over the world.  With the response of people looking for healthy options and recipe ideas, I have found the most common-asked recipe was protein balls.  I know people like easy, quick recipes, so I created my own protein ball dry mix and called it Cannon Balls (my last name being Cannon LOL).  The recipe is simple and easy:  you add 1 cup of peanut butter or almond butter if you’re allergic to peanut butter, and l/4 cup of coconut oil.  The recipe makes 24 protein balls with over 6 grams of protein per ball.  I wanted to create this recipe to help busy moms and people on the go to give them a healthier option rather than a granola bar which is chalked full of sugar.  I launched the product in July of this year and I’m presently selling them at Popeye’s Supplement Stores and branching into local grocery stores.  I plan on taking my Cannon Balls everywhere!

Read more of Heidi’s interview in the Print or Digital Edition of Fitness Gurls – Feb 2019 issue.

Heidi Cannon - Fitness Gurls

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Ali Lee Fitness Gurls Athlete



Photo by @lymandvmphoto

What’s the one aspect you’d say you enjoy the most about being
a fitness model? 

I love getting to travel and see different places, meet all the different humans and ideally bring something positive from my experience to theirs. That’s what it’s all about for me, getting to connect, share and learn from all the different people and stories. 

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Between putting in time at the gym, getting ready for photo shoots and giving time to your family, how would you say you manage your time? And what would be some advice you can give to others to get the most outta their day? 

I love having my routine and sticking to it. I like to wake up first thing in the morning and cuddle my babies, drinking my BSN Endorush and planning my day before I get outa bed so I can stick to my routine more easily. To me, time management starts with knowing your worth, bc when you know your worth, you won’t give your time to things that don’t feel you or give back to you with interest. Vertically integrate everything. Take yourself seriously even when other ppl think your ambitions are too large, and stay true to your vision. 

As human beings, we all go through ups and downs and have moments of strength and weakness. As a fitness model, what inspires you when you’re down? Coming out of a pretty hard divorce actually inspired me a lot. It reminded me of who I am, the amount of strength I have internally, and that nothing is really negative, everything is just energy meant to be learned from. Once you learn from it, you get to release it. I meditate and write a lot and going into my own core spirit that way keeps me inspired and pulls me up pretty quickly if I ever get down. I’m more of a “go sideways” than a “go down” type of human though.. it’s all a matter of perspective and when you stay humble, the world around you don’t really have the power to sway you too terribly much. 

Do you ever draw any inspiration from the fiction of any sorts? What would be your favorite movie/book/TV show etc. that you’ve taken some inspiration from? 

I don’t really watch a lot of tv or fiction, but comedy is something I studied when I studied acting and I watch stand up to keep me light of heart which steps one to keeping my mind open, and keeping me inspired. I do love house of cards and bloodline and will watch friends and everybody loves Raymond as comfort tv though.

Aside from being a fitness model, you’re also a singer. How did you discover your passion for that?

 I discovered I would be a singer, writer, performer when I was just a tiny thing and I couldn’t help myself but to get on stage. I used to sit in my room when I was really young and face the wall, turn on my cassette tapes of 60’s music and SEE the music against my blank wall. I’d learn the songs inside and out and makeup dances to them and I just knew it made me so happy. Happiness has always been my underlying goal. My dad sexually abused me at a young age and I think I used Music as a way to escape into my own mind and it became somewhat of a healing mechanism. I would also use writing as a form of therapy and would write stories and music as a way to relieve the anxiety I felt that I instinctively knew wasn’t healthy for me to carry around inside me. Bob Marley was right when he said: “when the music hits, you feel no pain” and that’s always been true for me. 

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