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Hanan Arabatlian – Gurl of the Week

Hanan Arabatlian – Gurl of the Week

Height: 5’3″ 1/2
Off Season Weight: 120 lbs
Commpeting Weight: 110 lbs
Favorite Hobby: Working out, traveling, shopping, interiors design, reading, running, cooking.
Fav Body Part: I work the hardest on my legs and butt…… I definitely have a love/hate relationship with squats!

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Hanan Arabatlian – Fitness & Bikini Model

How did you get in to the fitness industry?
I made exercise a part of my life in my mid-teens. I was living on my own, and dealing with a lot of responsibility at a young age. Working-out became my outlet. I was always in awe of those ‘ripped’ girls at the gym. It was something I admired, but didn’t think I could ever do, until my first trainer pushed me into trying it. I think the lesson is, you are inspiring people around you – without even realizing it! I started competing in 2009 and now I am very excited to be a personal trainer myself and help people achieve their dream body.

What the secret to staying in such great shape?
I think consistency and preparation are both key! I always have meals prepared in advance, because when you’re hungry, it’s easy to grab the first thing you see! Also the right supplements make all the difference in the world! Heat and Greens by Magnum Nutraceuticals are the two I can’t live without!

What do you feel is the hardest part about preparing for competitions?
Resisting temptation! I love dressing up and going out for dinner but the closer I get to competition, the more I find myself in bed with a book instead! It’s amazing how connected food is with our social lives! I try and keep myself as far away from temptation as possible.

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