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Fitness Gurls Top Instagram Photos Of The Week

One of the most inspiring groups of women in fitness!



Here are some of the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

Feeling sassy today! ????????????????✌????#summer #bikini #goodvibes #fitgirl #photooftheday #fitness #fitnessgurls #fitfam

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Just chilling in my #activewear down on Venice Beach ????????‍♀️???? @lee_lhgfx @leelhgfx_fitness

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Be that girl who wakes up with purpose and intent. ???? Recently I decided to jump back into photography on the side, I got so burnt out before and was gone too much from those who mattered most to me. Plus I'll be completely honest, weddings are exhausting when you are nonstop on your feet all day. ????My intent is to not let myself get burned out and back to that feeling. I have learned, after having that happen, when you start to feel that way it's best to slow down. You don't have to quit, take a break. It can easily be applied when it comes to fitness too! ???? . I was so excited to this pretty NEW @bpi_sports sweatshirt in the mail yesterday! Grab yours now before the cool weather starts in a few months and while the discount is still HOTT! ???? Follow the link in my bio to take you to the shop. ???????? "SEVANS" . #saraheevans #bpisports #bpiathlete #bpiteamaesthetic #fitnessjourney #fitchick #getfit #motivation #strongwomen #bodypositive #fitspo #fitmom #fitlife #fitnessmodel #fitness #workout #truelife

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Planning my next move ???????? ????Outfit: @koralactivewear????

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I have never been more bound to my inner fire than at this juncture in my life. I've learned the hard way that it's not enough just to be passionate… If your passion is unfocused, you're often left in a whirlpool of misdirected energy that can quickly grow toxic. Focus and determination are the ingredients that breathe life into dreams that have yet to manifest. I am blessed to be surrounded by strong women, men of integrity and faith, and people of good intention to support me along the way to my goals. I am blessed to greet the dreaded Monday morning with excitement as I run along the beach. The best way to serve God is by loving those around you and sharing His light ???????????????????????? I'm pictured here (thanks to the incredible @sdrpick) wearing one of my new fave bikinis from @swimsuitsforall- if you don't know about them, they are for ALL body types. I absolutely fell in love with the brand because not only do they look amazing on every shape or size (seriously they are insanely flattering), but because of their mission to empower women everywhere. I literally bought 6 suits from them so get ready for some more bikini goodness ????#selflove #motivation #inspo #happiness #health #mondaymotivation #love #blessed #fitness #ashleygraham

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Christmas Abbott Gym Crush

Featured in the 2017 Fitness Gurls Swimsuit Issue



You can’t say tough without thinking of Christmas Abbott and the achievements under her belt. At 35 years of age, Abbott has become a household name within the fitness and entrepreneurial community. You may have seen her on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine or on popular TV shows such as Big Brother (last season), Big Brother: After Dark and a slew of intriguing and hilarious interviews. She’s our Gym Crush.

Also: See Christmas Abbott on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine

You were on our cover this year as our Most Inspiring Physique in Sports because you were mostly known for Crossfit. But you also are known for Nascar and now Big Brother! What gives you that confidence that no matter what you do, you’re going to be pretty awesome at it?
First, THANK YOU!!! That was such an amazing award! Confidence is a muscle that needs to be trained and worked at consistently and I have been working on it for a long time. While doing that I committed to try new things and be willing to “fail” as most people perceive. I don’t know what the outcome of my ventures will result in but I do know that I would rather try my hardest and prepare for my best and stumble than not try at all! So if that means that I am pretty awesome at what I take on, then I’ll take it!

Starting so many new projects, are you afraid of making rookie mistakes?
I have always enjoyed creating things and seeing their growth and potential; from businesses to people. It’s a beautiful thing to watch something you imagine come to life. I try my best to do my due diligence on any project that I approach to ensure it is as successful as I can make it within my ability. I often reach out to mentors, friends, and associates to get ruthless feedback in hopes to prevent any “rookie” mistakes. If it does happen, it’s a learning experience!

How was it staying at the Big Brother house… and how’s your foot?
The BB House was like adult summer camp with no phones and no contact with the outside world. It was such a unique and fun experience collectively that I feel really special to have it. The foot is healing. I have surgery soon to take out the hardware from the first surgery and after that, I am on the official road to recovery. It has been a slow and frustrating process but I am keeping positive about it and hopefully showing the world that you can have something tragic happen and still accomplish big things!

Another thing that you’re recently started is your online training platforms, what kind of shape do you need to be in to do your workouts?
BBX is an awesome combination of my workouts that can be done anywhere and for anyone! I know it sounds cliche but its true. All of my BBX’ers get workout videos, online community, downloadable e-books, and exclusive access to my other projects and offers. What I love MOST about the BBX program is that people sign up for a body transformation and they get major results along with a complete confidence transformation! They are such incredible people!

You seem like you’re even busier than ever, do you still have time to train as much as you use to?
Now that I am out of the BB House and getting to use my foot more I am back on a regiment. Even when I couldn’t put weight on my foot I was doing some sort of training to keep my sanity in check but also let my body know I still loved it. Body’s are meant to move! I am not training competition style right now and it looks like that won’t happen until the summer. I am loving my mix of CrossFit Invoke (my gym), spin class, and hot yoga. The combination is so good for my body and spirit.

Tell me what you have going on with Dick’s Sporting good and Second Skin Apparel?
Dick’s Sporting Goods launched their own apparel line, Second Skin. Second Skin is absolutely appropriately named!! They have a compression line and a training line. So I don’t have to go to two different companies for all of my needs! They have been an incredible company to work with and really take my input seriously. The clothes keep up with me, my demands for my body, and feel so darn good!!

Where did you learn so much about business?
HA! I have always been interested in business but it takes a lot of discipline. I didn’t graduate from college and went to work in Iraq as a civilian contractor instead which ultimately became my life college. In Iraq I learned how to be organized, detailed, commitment, and of course CrossFit! Those key skills aligned with passion can create a potent product. I have done a lot of research on whatever I venture into and when possible I leaned on mentors or sought out professional advice. Ultimately, I learned as I went but it wasn’t a “go with the flow” approach. I prepared for all of my projects as much as possible and as they were executed I learned more and more about business over the years.

You’re also an incredible model. How do you stay in such great shape year round?
Ha! Well, thank you again! I don’t consider myself a model rather than an athlete. I workout to help my journey with myself, it fuels me in such a positive way that I cannot get any other way. A healthy combination of fitness, nutrition, and enjoying life can keep you in the best, most positive shape possible. I love the balance it provides and I’m cautious not to get too far into body image that it affects my balance, meaning I enjoy drinks with my girls and holiday foods guilt free!

What’s next for Christmas Abbott? What should we be watching out for next?
I have just launched an amazing supplement company called Bourn Relentless! I wanted to create a line that I loved with all of the things that I would use with the ingredients I would put into my body, so I DID! I am really excited about this launch and the products that I have created so far. Check it out at

Also, I am in the final phases of a project that has been in the works one way or another for almost five years! CAN is an online coaching nutrition program that is education driven and a one-stop shop for macro calculating, goal tracking, meal resources, workout regiments, and supplements suggestions. It is super user-friendly and will have a ton of support for the client so they feel empowered and educated throughout their entire lifestyle change. I am so proud of this project and what it will do to help people truly understand the fundamentals of nutrition within their lifestyle without feeling helpless, confused, or restricted. CAN will help people make the lifestyle changes they have been wanting! People can sign up through my website to get in the know for when it will launch and even an early bird discount for sign ups!

As for life, I am enjoying time with family and friends as much as possible and leaning into an adventure. I have had a lot of personal growth this year and I want to be sure I reflect on it and not take it for granted.

Find more about Christmas Abbott at: @christmasabott
Photos by Ohrangutang @ohrangutang / Makeup by Cristina Pilo @cristinapilo

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