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Fitness Gurls Top Instagram Photos Of The Week

The most beautiful team in fitness.




It’s Woman Crush Wednesday! Here are some of the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

Happy Monday! Now go conquer the world ????????????????????! #motivatedmonday #kickass

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Fancy a stare off? @jasonellisphoto

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My kind of Friday night. This outfit and Netflix on the couch ???????? Shot by @pypaiphoto Outfit provided by @topdolls__

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Excuses will always be there for you. Opportunity won't. ???????? ???? 〰〰〰〰〰〰 @mark.valeriano Hair: @hisandherhair

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forever in love with something or someone ???? •photo by @sdrpick •shot for @arsenic

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Ready set…. Bootcamp at the park. Check my website for dates and times.. #sylvanlakeab #bootcampseason #bootcamp #bmm_fitfam

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Hope Beel in Medellín Colombia

The beautiful and incredible Hope Beel is on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine



Photo by LHGFX

‭Hope! We’re so glad to have you back for another interview! How has your 2017 been so far?‬ HB: ‭I really think 2017 has been my best year yet! My online website officially launched at the ‬‭beginning of the year, I just launched my first e-book, and so many great opportunities have ‬‭already crossed my path. ‬ ‭You were also one of the lucky few Fitness Gurls that got to go to Medellin Colombia! How ‬ ‭excited were you and was it what you expected? ‬
‭HB: Seriously, that trip is still my all-time favorite. A ‬‭lot of people warned me that it may not be safe, but when I arrived I had never felt more ‬welcomed to be in another country. The people there are so friendly and inviting. The food was ‬‭incredible and the entire country is all around incredible. I can’t wait to go back and visit. ‬ ‭

Buy the Digital Issue: Hope Beel Cover – Travel Issue 2017

You did some photo shoots, but did you get to do any tourist activities? If so, what did you do? What did we not do?
The entire fitness Gurls team got the VIP treatment. We visited the countryside, spent a day in the mountains shooting in a finca, which was incredibly beautiful. Got to ‬‭play around on the main soccer stadium. And my favorite fit to eat at some amazing restaurants.

‭Did you get any workouts in while you were there?‬ ‭Are your workouts the same as when you’re at home or are they shorter and super modified?
I never do the same workouts, no matter if I’m traveling or at home. I work with what I have. ‬‭Some places I’ve don’t have gym access so I’m that case I would take my workouts ‬‭outside. No excuses, I’m always getting it in. ‬

Do you bring any workout bands or anything when you travel?
I do! I love bands. It’s such a great addition to any workout. ‬

‭Are you a morning or evening workout type of person? Or whenever you can get it in type?
‭I typically like to train morning. It’s hard for me to find the energy in the evening to train plus, I’m ‬ ‭a morning person in general. ‬

‭How about supplements? Do you travel with supplements or protein powder?
‭Absolutely, I can’t live without my pre-workout. Also, when I travel protein is vital because you never know when ‬ ‭you’ll need a quick meal and I’d rather have that handy then choosing an unhealthy option. ‬

Buy the Digital Issue: Hope Beel Cover – Travel Issue 2017

‭How did you stay on track with your diet on your trip to Medellin? Did you eat local food?
The food there was so fresh so it was easy to eat super clean, and of course, I had a few treats here ‬ ‭and there but it’s all about balance. ‬

‭What are some things you must pack on your trips? ‬ ‭
You will always find a bikini, workout bands, ‬ ‭snacks, and my plane pillow and shaw. I always sleep on the plane and I like to be comfortable. ‬Haha!

Read the rest of Hope Beel’s Interview:
Buy the New Travel Issue with Hope Beel as the cover girl

Follow Hope Beel at: @HopeBeel
Follow Lee from LHGFX at: @lee_lhgfx

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Lindsey Vonn Has One of the Most Beautiful Bodies in Sports



Lindsey Vonn is one of the most beautiful female athletes of all time. This tall sporty blonde has made waves in more than just the snow sport industry earning attention for her looks on more than one occasion. Vonn’s long beachy blonde locks and dazzling smile are two of her best features. In addition, her muscular figure and curvy physique have earned her spots on the covers of the prestigious Sports Illustrated and Health Magazines.

#Mood #UnlikeAny

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Ready for winter! #UnlikeAny @underarmourwomen

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One of my favorite looks yesterday. #strongisthenewbeautiful #booktour

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Date night! Good thing I did all that core work! 😜 #keeptheabstight

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Interview with Fit Influencer Rania Pugholm

Beautiful fashion and fitness model from Dubai



So tell us about you?
I am Dubai based Arabic model, actress, international brand influencer. I started modeling when I was 17 while enjoying life in Germany. I was also the face of L’oreal products, of various international magazines such as cover girl playboy, and I am an international playmate. I love my work and I love traveling the world and multilingual: I can speak four languages fluently including Arabic, English, Danish, German and basic French. I also a fitness crazy and a lifestyle and health aficionado teaching women not only to eat healthily but also to be independent and empowered. Currently, I got my diploma in PR & Journalism at World Media Academy, a school accredited by Washington-based ICFJ (International Centre for Journalist).

What foods do you like?
I like Healthy clean food such as for my breakfast I have to have berries, I love eggs in the morning, salads for lunch and grilled fish with vegetable. one of my weakness so is potatoes but I try to stay away as much as I could. If I dine outdoor I love going for Japanese food I love rolls and sashimi.

For comfort food, I definitely love popcorn or gummy bear, as I am sure lots women do. When I am not getting ready for a photo shoot or competition.

What foods do you recommend for a perfect eating plan?
I would say try to not eat a big amount of carbs, and the best time to have it is morning, eat fresh and mostly grilled food, use healthy oil to cook with suck as olives oil and grapes. eat less red meat and eat more fish. add more food to your diet that is filled with antioxidant.

To keep my health and fitness on track in the colder months I enjoy joining a class such as yoga or kickboxing, which gives me a social environment and also a scheduled date and time to be there. Fitness is a daily part of my life, no matter what time of the year it is but it does get more difficult when the weather is hot and it’s hummed outside.

What other exercise classes do you like?
I love Pole fitness and I am pretty good at it, I also enjoy dancing classes and flexibility.

To fit in a workout when I don’t have time what exercise do you suggest?
Walking outside even if its only half hour or I watch a short core video on Youtube. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

What foods do I stay away from?
Fast food!

What is your motivation?
Watching always someone who I admire their body and try to get it too.

Have I always been in great shape?
I had a nice shape but needed to tune up, you always can look better. My focus is on my health and wellbeing all year round. I don’t like the way I feel when I am inactive and eat unhealthily so I naturally stay in shape year round by just keeping my diet clean.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin has taken many years to achieve, especially for my offseason. Being in the fitness industry we will put ourselves out there in order to be judged on our bodies, which can be hard mentally, especially as women. I have learned that focusing on my health, and what I expose my body to, is more important than how I look. But by making healthy choices, I naturally stay in shape all year round. I may not be photo shoot ready, but I still feel good.

Do you have any nutrition advice?
Always remember to drink water and if you add lemon to it is an extra benefit you get the toxin out of your body. get the right amount of protein, vegetables, healthy grains that are high in fiber, healthy oils, daily.

How do you plan your day and your food diet?
First of all, I don’t diet. diet only works so far until you stop then all the work is gone. I always stay on a healthy meal plan. My morning breakfast will be for example:
Eggs or I homemade coconut milk Chai pouting, or healthy blueberry, banana pancakes, sometimes oats. I like to mix it up so is not boring.

For Lunch, I love salads because is filling and healthy but also not heavy. or avocado toast.

What is your motivation?
What is your number 1 weight loss secret? Stay away from carbs and I add shot of vitamins B12.

What would you like to say to our readers?
Do what you love and always find anew motivation to keep you going. don’t give up it takes time to get where you need to go but is totally worth it.

More about Rania Pugholm:
Follow her on IG: @rania_pugholm
Age: 26
Height 175cm / 5’9″
Weight 52kg / 115 lbs
Where are you from: I’m German Egyptian

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