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Fitness Gurls Top Instagram Photos Of The Week

The Best from The Most Beautiful Women in Fitness



Here are some of the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

What's your fave bang flavor? @bangenergy @vpxredlineceo #bang #bangenergy #bangrevolution #pearguava

A post shared by Hope Beel (@hopebeel) on

Smile for everything you've got, not what you haven't 🖤 @ns_nikon

A post shared by Amy Quine (@missamy_quine) on

Starting my training camp in Mykonos was such a great idea. The food is so good it's easy to eat healthy. My friends are so hilarious it's easy not to drink. Relaxation and recovery is life. I'm so unfit that all training is a challenge at this point haha… but not for long… 😏 Only thing missing is a boxing gym 😫… if anyone knows of any, or hotels that have a good set up I can use let me know I'll love you forever 🙏🏽 Also I posted the link to today's vlog in my bio @avrilmathie 👊🏽😜 . #boxinglife #mykonos #trainingcamp #fitnessjourney #greecestagram #fitlife #lifeisbetterinabikini #livingthedream #abikiniaday #bikinibody #workforit #jlewbags #girlswithguts #progressnotperfection

A post shared by MISS SWIMSUIT USA INTERNAT'L👑 (@avrilmathie) on

I don't see a path but thats never stopped me before. I had to boss up & create my own trails 🐾 🌿🌾 . Think for yourself. Trust your own intuition. Another person isn't walking your your journey, YOU are. Make it count! Hope this gives you a little mid week #inspiration to go after what you want confidently & finish the week strong💪🏼 #humpday . 🥁DID YOU VOTE YET?? This is the LAST day😅I got bumped up to 2nd place thanks to my amazing supporters🙏🏻 Remember I have personalized rewards & signed posters for my top donators/voters!! PLEASE click the LINK IN MY BIO 🙏🏻It's down to the last hours! #maxim #maximsfinest #maximhot100 📸❤️ @alphamale05 ____________________ #allnatural #fitnessmodel #strong #sexy #me #fit #cleaneating #fitnesslifestyle #hot #body #gym #gymlife #cleaneating #fitgirl #cardio #hiit #food #goals #inspiration #blessed #me #life #workhard

A post shared by Stephanie Marie (@stephaniefitmarie) on

The Sun is shining in and it's Thursday! ☀️Finally getting back to a normal around here since the hurricane. I was out of the gym for roughly a week and a couple days, but Monday started back to lifting. 💪🏼 Not to mention during a hurricane and power outage your food isn't the same, grocery stores are on short supply. I did continue using my Green tea+beetroot+fiber+MCT's during the storm. That is one way to boost your overall health and wellbeing during a rough situation, can always use my antioxidants! Now, as I watch and see Irma heading to Florida, I think of all my @bpi_sports Family and our headquarters which located near Miami. Prayers for everyone there! 🙏🏼 . If you are interested in seeing more of the @bpi_sports supplement line for your overall health click on the link in my bio to direct you to our products. 😁 . #saraheevans #fitspo #fitmom #fitfam #bpisports #bpiathlete #teambpi #lifestyle #healthy #fitness #fitnessbody #fitnessgirl #fitchick #workout #lifting #curves #greentea #getfit

A post shared by Sarah e. Evans (@saraheevans_livingfitnclean) on

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready! 🔥- @underground_nyc

A post shared by Rachel Joy (@racheljoyfit) on

Pop Culture

Maria Menounos Gorgeous Bikini Body at 40



Photos by @mariamenounos

Maria Menounos has been one of the most beautiful women to cover entertainment news for years. And even with a recent bout with cancer hasn’t stopped this incredible woman from kickin’ ass in the industry. Maria Menounos turned the big 4-0 this month and that body is still hot and fit as ever.

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Charlotte Flair Will Pose Nude For ESPN’s Body



Photos @charlottewwe

Since going PG, WWE has gotten a significantly bigger offer of the predominant press’ spotlight and that will proceed with the consideration of Charlotte Flair in the 2018 ESPN: The Body issue. Ronda Rousey has already showed up in the magazine yet that was the point at which she contended in the UFC.

The production highlights many female competitors in bare and semi-naked photos and keeping in mind that the expectation is to contend with Games Outlined’s Bathing suit issue, it’s likewise to flaunt the constitution of female competitors. Among those joining the SmackDown Live in this issue are Torie Bowie, Megan Rapinoe, Precious stone Dunn, and various other names.

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Here’s a sneak look of Charlotte’s photoshoot. The magazine will hit newspaper kiosks on June 29th and the photographs will be discharged online on June 25th.

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Pop Culture

We Rank the 4 Jurassic Movies



Photos by Universal Pictures

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Prediction Review: One of the tricky things about continuing a franchise is the artistic integrity required for critical impact. With something as timeless as the Star Wars franchise, this has been relatively consistent aside from some debates regarding the prequels from the early 2000s. Jurassic Park and its subsequent predecessors face different issues, instead of having more time and less universe development in-between films when compared to other franchises.

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In a way, this was what hindered Jurassic World when it originally showed in theaters. People and critics alike praised the visual effects and overall entertainment the film provided, but almost universally agreed the charm and originality of the original film were lost in favor of rehashing elements of the first movie (just how many times can humans be burdened by creatures anyway?). For the upcoming sequel to Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it seems that none of the teasers or info we have yet hint at the second installment going in a different direction. Photos of creatures have been released and they look dazzling, sure, but it appears as though we’ll have to wait and see if the film itself stands on its own.

Despite all of this, though, one thing is for certain: Chris Pratt is an incredibly dynamic actor and can truly make any role his own. Just like he did with Jurassic Park, I predict that if Fallen Kingdom is lacking, it won’t feel like it when focusing on Pratt’s performance.

Our Favorite Jurassic Movies

1. Jurassic Park

The original Jurassic Park remains the best film in the franchise. Featuring thrilling special effects and a world-class score by legendary composer John Williams, the film was audience’s first introduction to John Hammond’s park of genetically engineered dinosaurs. Standout performances from the film include Sam Neill’s Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm.

2. Jurassic World

After a 14-year break in the franchise, Jurassic World exploded onto the world stage with an all-new cast. Returning to the original film’s Isla Nublar, Jurassic World showed audiences what a fully realized dinosaur theme park could look like before being torn down by the film’s chief adversary: the fierce Indominus Rex.

3. Jurassic Park: Lost World

The second film in the franchise, The Lost World further explored the fictional universe of the franchise by taking audiences to Isla Sorna, the island where scientists created the world’s dinosaurs. Featuring the return of Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm, the climax of the film saw a Tyrannosaurus rex stomping the streets of San Diego.

4. Jurassic Park 3

Last but certainly not least is Jurassic Park 3, which saw Neill’s Alan Grant helping the Kirby family locate their son on Isla Sorna. Fighting to escape the island, Grant and the Kirbys are stalked by new additions to the franchise, the huge Spinosaurus and a flock of vicious Pteranodons.

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