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Fitness Gurls Top Instagram Photos Of The Week

The Best from The Most Beautiful Women in Fitness



Here are some of the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

What's your fave bang flavor? @bangenergy @vpxredlineceo #bang #bangenergy #bangrevolution #pearguava

A post shared by Hope Beel (@hopebeel) on

Smile for everything you've got, not what you haven't 🖤 @ns_nikon

A post shared by Amy Quine (@missamy_quine) on

Starting my training camp in Mykonos was such a great idea. The food is so good it's easy to eat healthy. My friends are so hilarious it's easy not to drink. Relaxation and recovery is life. I'm so unfit that all training is a challenge at this point haha… but not for long… 😏 Only thing missing is a boxing gym 😫… if anyone knows of any, or hotels that have a good set up I can use let me know I'll love you forever 🙏🏽 Also I posted the link to today's vlog in my bio @avrilmathie 👊🏽😜 . #boxinglife #mykonos #trainingcamp #fitnessjourney #greecestagram #fitlife #lifeisbetterinabikini #livingthedream #abikiniaday #bikinibody #workforit #jlewbags #girlswithguts #progressnotperfection

A post shared by MISS SWIMSUIT USA INTERNAT'L👑 (@avrilmathie) on

I don't see a path but thats never stopped me before. I had to boss up & create my own trails 🐾 🌿🌾 . Think for yourself. Trust your own intuition. Another person isn't walking your your journey, YOU are. Make it count! Hope this gives you a little mid week #inspiration to go after what you want confidently & finish the week strong💪🏼 #humpday . 🥁DID YOU VOTE YET?? This is the LAST day😅I got bumped up to 2nd place thanks to my amazing supporters🙏🏻 Remember I have personalized rewards & signed posters for my top donators/voters!! PLEASE click the LINK IN MY BIO 🙏🏻It's down to the last hours! #maxim #maximsfinest #maximhot100 📸❤️ @alphamale05 ____________________ #allnatural #fitnessmodel #strong #sexy #me #fit #cleaneating #fitnesslifestyle #hot #body #gym #gymlife #cleaneating #fitgirl #cardio #hiit #food #goals #inspiration #blessed #me #life #workhard

A post shared by Stephanie Marie (@stephaniefitmarie) on

The Sun is shining in and it's Thursday! ☀️Finally getting back to a normal around here since the hurricane. I was out of the gym for roughly a week and a couple days, but Monday started back to lifting. 💪🏼 Not to mention during a hurricane and power outage your food isn't the same, grocery stores are on short supply. I did continue using my Green tea+beetroot+fiber+MCT's during the storm. That is one way to boost your overall health and wellbeing during a rough situation, can always use my antioxidants! Now, as I watch and see Irma heading to Florida, I think of all my @bpi_sports Family and our headquarters which located near Miami. Prayers for everyone there! 🙏🏼 . If you are interested in seeing more of the @bpi_sports supplement line for your overall health click on the link in my bio to direct you to our products. 😁 . #saraheevans #fitspo #fitmom #fitfam #bpisports #bpiathlete #teambpi #lifestyle #healthy #fitness #fitnessbody #fitnessgirl #fitchick #workout #lifting #curves #greentea #getfit

A post shared by Sarah e. Evans (@saraheevans_livingfitnclean) on

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready! 🔥- @underground_nyc

A post shared by Rachel Joy (@racheljoyfit) on

Pop Culture

Black Panther Prediction Movie Review



“Black Panther” has been one of Hollywood’s most anticipated movies since it was announced. While the film does not get released in theaters until February 16, it has already been screened to critics and a small group of lucky fans. Based on these early reviews, it is easy to predict exactly what to expect from “Black Panther.”

“Black Panther” has been getting a lot of attention because it is the first film to feature an African American superhero, but it will be able to transcend this historical moment due to its quality. It currently has a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is already being called one of the best superhero movies of all-time. The writing, directing, acting and special effects are all top notch in “Black Panther.” ‘

Writer and director Ryan Coogler created absorbing stories filled with excellent characters in his previous two films, and he does exactly the same thing with “Black Panther.” This helps the film surpass the superhero genre despite featuring big battles with unique supernatural villains. The deep storytelling in “Black Panther” allows it to have as much in common with “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed” as it does with the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Few superhero movies are able to satisfy nearly every film lover, but that is exactly what this film is going to achieve. Whether you are looking an action movie filled with intense action sequences or a poignant story filled with fully realized characters, you will leave the showing of “Black Panther” completely happy.

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11 Questions

11 Questions with Diana Vazquez



Photos by @thehollywoodhustle

How did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I was always athletic growing up and in school, but in 2013 my body made drastic changes and I wasn’t happy with myself. Looking at Instagram fitness models Michelle Lewin, Ainsley Rodriguez and Paige Hathaway, I wanted to be like them, (like any other woman). So in 2013, I started what I thought would just be a not everyday thing, to jumping into what now is my career, passion, and lifestyle. No destination!

Also: 11 Questions with Heather Marsh

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
The most challenging thing about fitness would definitely be staying motivated! Some days I have no motivation to go to the gym or be on point with meals, but then I think about why I’m doing all of this and get back on track. If you have no motivation to do anything, you’ll get nowhere. Being motivated 100% is tough because it’s not always there. I do this for the love of the game and that motivates me.

Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what’s your favorite type of music you like working out to?
I do listen to music. It’s different every day. I listen to anything from 90’s pop and punk, country, rock, reggaeton and some metal. It all depends on what Tim training!

What is your current training style, routine or split?
I go to the gym at least six days a week. My rest day depends on the day I’m shooting and then of course on my travel days. I try to keep consistent with six days a week.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
My favorite clean food would definitely have to be chicken fajitas. I love peppers and chicken together. Also, I like to eat Roman lettuce with lime and a little bit of sugar. My “garbage” food would definitely be pasta and anything Mexican!

What’s your most memorable photo shoot or the funniest thing that’s happened on a shoot?
Most memorable time would have to be shooting with @allenlhgfx and falling into a rose bush after a groundsman told us the pavers I was standing on were loose… And then, of course, Allen capturing my fall with epic photos haha!

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
Ugh, being trapped would be a nightmare! But if so, I’d definitely bring food, water, and a blanket.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
The craziest thing I’ve ever done would probably have to be jumping out of a moving vehicle.

What is your greatest strength?
I had to think about this one because it’s honestly hard to answer a question like this about yourself. My greatest strength would have to be love. I’m a very loving person. If I truly love something, I’ll never give up on it. It’s a great strength I have.

How do you measure success?
I measure success not by the luxury or things you have, but by how humble somebody is with all of their success. Being recognized for your hard work and being humble.

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
NEVER be afraid to ask questions or help. I know when I started, I’d get discouraged when I couldn’t do something or didn’t know how. I was embarrassed to ask, so I’d “Google” what I needed to know. Even then, reading and watching videos during my gym time was taking up most of that time. If I knew then what I know now, I’d be a toddler asking a million questions! The great thing about getting started at the gym is, there’s ALWAYS improvement!

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Brittney Palmer is the cover model for our 4th Annual Swimsuit Issue



Photo by LHGFX

Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon Girl, and renowned artist appears for the 3rd time on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine. This time on our biggest issue of the year, the Fitness Gurls Swimsuit Issue. She is beautifully photographed by LHGFX in a gorgeous bikini by Lybethras Swimwear. Brittney Palmer, ever the artist, wearing 18kt real gold leaf, becomes the art. The issue will be on sale in print and digital download on Nov 21.

Also in this issue are 50 of the most beautiful fitness influencers on the planet, showcased by Hope Beel, Lauren Drain, Bianca Kmiec and Ashley Kaltwasser… we also check in with our former cover model Christmas Abbott coming off her stay at the Big Brother House.

Listen to Brittney Palmer on The Fitness Gurls Podcast

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