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Fitness Gurls Instagram Photos Of The Week

Here are the best from Team Fitness Gurls Instagram post of the Week.

A little #twinning #TeammateTuesday with my boo @christie_bailey. Our friendship is a perfect example of the positive power of social media. It all started with a DM! Christie reached out because she saw that we both had something rare in common, we had a passion for fitness AND a very demanding corporate career in tech sales. We clicked immediately via text and phone then finally got to meet in person the same day that she WON the @bodybuildingcom Spokesmodel Search! So now we are teammates and have had several sleep overs since. Obviiii ???????????????? Social media often gets put in a negative light, but it can also be a wonderful place to meet like-minded individuals. So thanks @instagram for my new bestie. Now get your butt to Cali ???????????? Photo by @lee_lhgfx #TeamBodybuildingcom #BestSelf

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ANOTHER ONE???? with @samuellathrop from this past weekend!

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That daily strive for Balance! As I'm writing this I'm in Utah visiting family, celebrating my nephew's birthday and baptism. Enjoying rich foods and home-cooked yumminess is one of our favorite past-times we share as a #family and it's always a good reminder that life doesn't stop because you're on a "diet." The key to enjoying life is #balance! Letting your hair down and not stressing about perfection all the time is the only way to #sustain. My policy for myself is just making sure I get back on track the next day or simply watching how big my "cheat" servings are so I don't feel like crap. So you can count on it- I'll be enjoying my #dessert tonight! #fatkid #cheatday #diet #photographer @fitnessmodelphoto #designer @elisabettarogiani DM or email me about diet/training plans ????

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