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Fitness Gurls Athlete Brynn Noel Is A Woman To Watch

We sat down with Brynn Noel our newest Fitness Gurls Athlete.

Brynn Noel Fitness Gurls
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You’re 22 and already an IFBB PRO. How does an accomplishment of that scale feel?

Holding this title feels extremely rewarding! Reminiscing on all of the sacrifices, struggles, and hardships it took to get to this point, keeps me humble. This title provides me with the opportunity to reach and inspire more people, which has always been my top motive!

You’re also a Fitness Gurls Athlete. How much does that mean to you?

To think that I’ve followed and aspired to be a “Fitness Gurl” since I came across their Instagram back in 2017, and now here I am, it’s one of my most cherished accomplishments! Fitness Gurls has opened so many doors of opportunity for me and allowed me to expand my personal brand in the specific direction I’ve envisioned from the beginning. 

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What other endeavors besides modeling and competing do you wish to invest in moving forward?

I envision myself building my own business in the fitness industry. Starting with personal training for women and ultimately expanding to a clothing and merchandise brand! Besides that, another aspiration I’ve always had for myself would be to explore the world and educate myself on different cultures. 

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What are you most grateful for in life?

I practice gratitude daily, therefore I am deeply thankful for so many things! One that comes to mind would be the perspective that I’ve been given on life… I’m grateful that I look at the glass half-full, I try to spot the bright side of every situation, and I choose to remain calm during the chaos.  

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What are some things you wished you knew when starting out?

I actually don’t wish my upbringing was any different, I look back and realize that everything I learned was preparing me for who I am today! I’ve been told i’m mature for my age and i pride myself in that due to the struggles and hardships I try not to take for granted.  

What’s an inspirational quote you resonate with strongly?

This one is very well known but “Everything Happens For A Reason” is a quote that I think to myself almost every day. It helps me remain calm and trust that it’ll all work out the way it’s ‘supposed’ to. Even if the outcome isn’t how I planned it, I like to think that I’ll at least learn something from the experience.  

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What is the most important thing for you when shooting? 

My #1 rule, a MUST for me at every shoot… is to HAVE FUN and Enjoy the experience! I try to learn new poses that work for my body and change up my facial expressions to add variety to my portfolio. I’m always looking for new ways to perfect my craft!  

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As a model, which type of photoshoot would you love to do from a creative standpoint, if given the chance?

If I had to choose one theme for a shoot, I’d have to go with one that makes me feel the sexiest, empowered, and strong… that would be in the gym! My confidence stems from my fitness journey, therefore I’m always down to do a gym photoshoot. 

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