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Facetime Series

NXT’s Chelsea Green Smolders In Our Facetime Series Photoshoot

“The Face (and Body) of the Women’s Division” for WWE’s NXT, Chelsea Green in our Facetime Series.

Chelsea Green Fitness Gurls Facetime Series NXT WWE
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

Chelsea Green is one of our favorite WWE/NXT superstars today. She just exudes confidence, strength, and beauty in the ring. We’re glad we got to work with her for the Fitness Gurls Facetime Series and hope to work with her more in the future. This photoshoot again was taken on a phone by photographer Kate Jensen. Here’s our interview with the beautiful Chelsea Green.

Also, check out: WATCH: NXT’s Chelsea Green’s Hot Bikini Haul Video

This is your first feature with Fitness Gurls Magazine and I bet it’s not little other shoots you’ve done before.  What’s your favorite thing about your Facetime Photoshoot with Fitness Gurls?

I’ve been a fan of Fitness Gurls for years! So to be asked to be featured was super exciting, and a little nerve-wracking. Luckily, the photographer made me feel sexy and confident, and exactly how I’d imagined shooting for Fitness Gurls would feel. Quarantine or not, we killed our shoot! 

Since being on lockdown has your wine drinking or your book reading gone up higher?

Actually, my margarita drinking has gone up! I’ve traded in my wine for Margaritas and Mai Tai’s. Unfortunately, I’ve also traded in reading for Netflix.

What’s a book or a tv show you can absolutely recommend since we’re all quarantine away?

I think everyone in the world watched The Last Dance, if you’re didn’t you’re living under a rock! Other than that, I’d suggest diving back into the Harry Potter books and the movies. Those never get old. 

What’s one thing you will down first when you’re allowed to really go outside?

I want to go for a proper night out! Dinner, drinks, some dancing. The whole shebang!

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