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Facetime Series

Karen Pang Facetime Photoshoot

Quarantine can’t stop Fitness Gurls from shooting one of the hottest models today, Karen Pang.

Karen Pang
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

So we’re all locked away, but that doesn’t stop us from shooting some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Our first Facetime photo shoot is with Karen Pang. She made news this week when she launched her OnlyFans page. This photoshoot as taken on a phone by photographer Kate Jensen and it’s pretty hot. Here’s our interview with Karen Pang.

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 You’ve been featured in Fitness Gurls Magazine before, but this one was a little different.  What’s your favorite thing about your Facetime Photoshoot with Fitness Gurls?

This one was way different! It’s hard to explain, but even though Kate was on FaceTime with me it still felt a little strange posing in front of my phone (not even with the flip side so I can see myself) and just hearing her voice. The favorite thing would be no looked-Lou’s walking by gawking at my scantily clad outfits and that I could go to the bathroom or grab any refreshments during the shoot which is nearly impossible when you’re shooting outdoors!

Since being on lockdown has your wine drinking or your book reading gone up higher?

My wine drinking skyrocketed the first few weeks and then I smartened up and figured I should save that money to buy groceries because who knows when I can go back to work again! I’ve allowed myself one night a week to consume an entire bottle of wine :) My book reading has remained the same…not much (bad I know).

What’s a book or a tv show you can absolutely recommend since we’re all quarantine away?

I have so, so many! I like watching dark shows involving mysteries, murders, crime, and paranormal. Here in no particular order, these are my recommendations:
The Sinner
The Innocence Files
The Spy
Don’t F*ck With Cats
Jack Ryan

On the lighter side, I’ve truly been loving Schitt’s Creek! I’ve just started the last series and I almost don’t want to watch it because I know there’s no more after this season :( I laugh out loud with each episode and that’s not easy for me! I liked GLOW, Dead to Me, Grace and Frankie, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Of course, ANY Dave Chappelle is loved!

What’s one thing you will down first when you’re allowed to go outside?

That’s a tough one. I’m not sure, to be honest. I for SURE want to see my friends! For the first time in 2 months yesterday, I actually touched another human being and it felt so nice to hug someone! A group meet-up would be great with my girlfriends and would be a nice way to ease into normalcy again Just hanging out at someone’s house would be a great start and we can focus on each other. I’m still a little nervous being in public this suddenly, so I think little by little I’ll inch my way into going out for dinners and such. I’m even nervous about going to the gym when it reopens!

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