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Facetime Series

Jessica Killings Lights Up Our Facetime Series

One of the most beautiful women in our industry, Jessica Killings in our Facetime Series.

Jessica Killings Facetime Series Fitness Gurls
Photo by @katejensenphoto for Fitness Gurls

Jessica Killings is such a treat for us. We had her on our podcast a couple of years ago, but this is the first photoshoot with her. She beautiful, she’s smart, she’s a businesswoman and she’s one of the biggest influencers in our industry. Thank you so much Jessica for shooting with us. This photoshoot again was taken on a phone by photographer Kate Jensen. Here’s our interview with the beautiful Jessica Killings… and yes, that’s her real name. Badass, right?

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You’ve done so many shoots in the past, but this one was a little different.  What’s your favorite thing about your Facetime Photoshoot with Fitness Gurls?

My favorite thing about the FaceTime photoshoot was I didn’t have to leave home! It’s nice to see everyone being resourceful during these times and making things happen however they can. 

Since being on lockdown has your wine drinking or your book reading gone up higher?

My wine drinking definitely went up at the beginning of lockdown! Haha, but I had to snap out of it and refocus. This is a perfect time to do things we all never had time for and I’m taking advantage of that. I’m not drinking and reading every single day for the next couple of months. 

What’s a book or a tv show you can absolutely recommend since we’re all quarantine away?

I’m trying my best not to watch too much tv but my favorite book of all time is manifest now. That book was a life-changer for me! I highly recommend it. 

What’s one thing you will down first when you’re allowed to go outside

The first thing I will do when I’m allowed to go outside is to go to a nice brunch with friends. I’m going to take advantage of any time with loved ones, I think we all took a lot of things for granted. 


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