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Everyone Loves A Hot Nerd

Some of your favorite fitness models show off their nerdy side.

Photos by @lee_lhgfx

Do you know what’s sexier than a beautiful, strong woman showing off her curvy and fit body? Why, a nerdy, strong & sexy woman showing off her beautiful body, of course! One of the sexiest fantasies has always been a beautiful, intelligent woman pulling off that sexy, nerdy look with a pair of glasses to boot. So, these absolutely stunning fitness models decided to take a crack at it, and if the results are anything to go by, we think it’s safe to assume they’ve succeeded in their endeavors.

The collection features a bunch of house-hold names in the fitness world all coming together to celebrate being strong, sexy, smart, independent women. 

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Hope Beel leads the pack packing some serious heat as fans are treated to a look at her incredibly sexy and busty body, as she also rocks a sweet pair of shades complete with a laptop in tow, bringing the whole look together.

Michelle Lewin is a really sexy addition to the fray, yet another household name the Venezuelan goddess takes it easy as she lays back on a bed rocking some amazing underwear, also sporting a beautiful pair of shades, treating fans to a look at her unapologetically sexy, fit and muscular body. Fans can feast themselves to a look at her perfect abs, and incredibly muscular yet toned legs. Sizzling!

Yet another goddess is Katelyn Runck, comin’ in hot with a racy pic of herself, also showing off a great look at her goddess-level toned body in a pseudo-casual nerdy look. Her lips, hair, boobs, and calves all look perfect here.

And last but most certainly not the least we’ve got a fantastic look at the beautiful, the sexy, and the oh-so-desirable Taylor Spadaccino, certainly growing in a number of followers on Instagram due to her busy, fit and incredible physique. Here she’s seen hard at work on her laptop. She posts a funny caption “Just over here researching where on the planet I can purchase ass wipes and hand sanitizer” to accommodate the sizzling and sexy photo of herself sporting those hot nerdy glasses and sexy Calvin Klein underwear.

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