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Ebony Jepson: Women We Love: Interview & Photos

Ebony Jepson
Photo @ebonyjepson

We’re so excited to have Ebony Jepson back on Fitness Gurls. She’s a new model we’re very excited about. She’s one of the most beautiful women we’ve ever worked with inside and out. Girl-next-door vibes and an incredible #gymcrush body. These photos were taken by Ebony Jepson herself, the girl is uber-talented and we hope to see if more on and within the pages of Fitness Gurls Magazine.

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It’s so good to feature you again! How have you been? Quarantine has been so taxing on a lot of folks. How have you been keeping yourself busy these days?
I’ve been doing well thank you! I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting with my family, catching sunsets with my friends, and getting started transitioning into taking/editing my own content which has been really great. 


Once quarantine ends and the threat of the pandemic is over, what would be the first thing you’d do? Where would you go for a vacation or a photoshoot if it were up to you?
The first thing I’m doing is booking a trip to Hawaii. My plan for 2020 was to finally make it out there but I’m hoping 2021 will have that in-store me for.


Last time we interviewed you, you gave some awesome recommendations for some movies and shows you were enjoying at the time. Have you discovered some new shows or movies you’ve been enjoying binging in quarantine?
I’ve been/still am really into reality TV. Real Housewives, Married at First Sight, and Before the 90 Days. I’m a bit of an expert which I’m not embarrassed to admit. A movie I just finished was Divergent. Seen it a few times and just gets better and better. 


If you could live for a day in a fictional world of your own choosing, what would it be?
If I had to live in a fictional place for a day I’d have to say the Scooby-Doo show. Solving a mystery with them would fulfill my childhood dream.

Do you have a fitness or social media icon within the industry you look up to?
Currently, I’m super into Daisy Keach’s booty workouts and Chloe Tings YouTube workout videos.


What’s next for Ebony Jepson?
What’s next!? That’s a great question. I’m trying to focus on my acting career and getting my foot in the door. Also focusing on being a positive influence for others! 


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