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We Love Danielle Vaughan Instacrush

Danielle Vaughan was born on Jan 30, 1990, in Canada. She is a fitness model and also a personal trainer. She has numerous accolades to her name. She has participated in various competitions like the national bikini competition.

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She is pretty active on social media which has garnered her over 280,000 followers on Instagram. Her fame is not just limited to her home country but due to her attractive physique, she has a fan following all across the world on social media. Also, her social media following is consistently expanding which is putting more and more limelight on her.

Danielle Vaughan is currently a Fitness Gurls Athlete. With her fan following growing at a consistent pace, it is only a matter of time before she reaches 1 million followers. With more and more people finding out about her on a daily basis she will surely break through the million mark pretty soon.

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She might be built for seduction but she was made for love ?

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