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Danielle Halford – Photos & Interview



How did you get started in fitness?
I have always been a very fit and active person but I was first introduced into the body building world through my occupation as a professional Photographer. I was employed to photograph a client at her first ever fitness competition. Straight away I thought I can do this and set my sights on a competition. 6 months later I stepped on stage for the first time and to my disbelief I walked away with a 3rd 2nd and 1st placings as well as an overall title. The next six months were a whirlwind competing all over Australia in 7 different competitions with Six 1st places and a dozen other placings. I still plan to compete and I’m training for a few competitions ahead but my main aim is to inspire and encourage others to live an active and healthy lifestyle.


How do you stay motivated in your career?
I don’t compete against others I compete against myself. I set short terms goals in the aim to beat my own personal bests and draw inspiration from those who have achieved and reached the goals I plan to.

What’s your favorite music to workout to?
I love listening to most main stream music and quite a few old classics, anything with a catchy tune or a good beat.


What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Crepe’s and Churrios im a bit of a sweet tooth. I love spoiling myself to a breakfast date at a pancake house or Chocolateria San Churro after a fitness competition, it only happens a few times a year so it’s ok. Week to week when it’s not close to a competition a Burger and fries is what I enjoy the most.


How do you deal with cravings?
When I first started with competing and changing my lifestyle I struggled with the same boring food. But over time experimenting and learning from others I now love the food I can cook and create. If I have big cravings between meals I turn to flavoured cups of tea. My favourites are Tetley – Forest Fruits and Madame Flavour Tea Treats – Mint Choc Rooibos.

What does your diet consist of?
I start my day with Oats & berries. Smoothies, pancakes, porridge however you want to have it. A strong start puts you on track for the rest of the day. My main meals lunch and dinner consist of lots of meat, Veg and baked sweet potato. I change it up as much as I can but that is pretty much the base of my meals. I eat 6 meals a day 3 hrs apart. I also aim to drink at least 3 ltrs of water a day.


What are your 3 favorite exercises?
1) Hanging knee crunches – I love working on my abs! They are easy for me so I enjoy pushing myself to see what I can achieve.
2) Glute cable kickbacks – You can really get into the full movement and when you feel the burn you know it’s working.
3) Chin ups – These work nearly every single muscle in your back. Whilst chin ups are insanely hard if your not well practiced at them, it is a really powerful feeling when you can do them.

Which female celebrity’s physique do you admire the most?
Torrie Wilson, Ana Delia, De Iturrondo, Paige Hathaway, Meredith Mack, Michelle Lewin are just a few of the amazing Fitness Gurls I admire. They represent and embody beauty health and fitness. They show the world Fit is Hot!

What celebrity male’s physique do you find ideal on guys?
Chris Hemsworth in Thor & Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. Definitely a huge fan of solid natural muscley males. These two have the whole physique package.


What supplements would you use or recommend?
My favourite is International Protein’s WPI protein powder Chocolate flavour. I went through a lot of proteins and supplements before I found any that I liked and agreed with me. I am slightly lactose intolerant and I find a lot of the fillers in protein powders make me feel unwell. Until I found International Protein the owner has been a Bodybuilder for a very long time and created her own supplements without extra fillers for her personal use. Years later it’s now a worldwide supplement company. I recently was lucky enough to be signed as one of their sponsored athletes.

What are you top 10 songs to workout to?
Hello – Karmin
Centuries – Fall out boy
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) Mark Ronson
She’s so mean – Matchbox Twenty
Classic – MKTO
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Spirit in the sky – Norman Greenbaum
Get up – Bingo Players
Hooked on a feeling – Blue Swede
Bad – David Quetta & Showtek


Do you have any advice or inspirational words for someone who is aspiring to get into the fitness world?
Some advice I have learnt is there is a right and wrong way of going about nutrition and training. Find a trainer that believes in the clean heathy eating method and that you should get all your nutrition from your food. Don’t treat it as a diet, it is a lifestyle. Your training and food need to be consistent, it has to be realistic and maintainable.

Here is one of my favourite quotes, it’s good to write these things in a place where you will visually see it every day. Eg bathroom/bedroom mirror. “Never Give up on a Dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway” – Earl Nightingale


Height: 166cm/5’5″
Weight: 55kg/121 lbs
Born In: Wongan Hills, Western Australia
Resides: Esperance Western Australia
Facebook: Danielle Halford Bikini/Fitness Model
Instagram: @danielle.halford

Photos by ABC Creative / @abccreative




Stacey Hayes Interview

TV personality/host Internationally published model



We asked Stacey to share her fitness secrets and routine secrets with us:
I work out 7 days a week regardless of how busy I am. I’m a runner, I run about 5 miles per day. Living in LA I also take advantage of the long summers and swim daily when time permits. In the winter months, I also incorporate hiking, There’s nothing better than getting out and enjoying nature whilst you’re exercising because it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

So tell us about you?
I’m half British half American. Raised in London now living in LA. I am a former athlete (competitive Ice skater). Currently an internationally published Model and tv presenter. Being a former childhood athlete fitness is and always has been very important to me.

What foods do you like? What foods do you recommend for a perfect eating plan?
I have been a vegetarian my entire life, I was vegan for a couple years but now my diet consists mostly of organic fruits, vegetables, and salmon.

I start my day every day with 2 ounces of wheatgrass and half of an organic banana and I finish my day every night with a freshly juiced kale spinach celery red beet juice sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Also, my pomegranate tree is in bloom right now so I’m incorporating a lot of fresh pomegranate into my diet. Tastes so delicious and such a healthy wonderful antioxidant.

What other exercise classes do you like?
I also really enjoy Pilates it stretches and lengthens my muscles without bulking me up and it’s a nice low impact exercise as opposed to the running.

To fit in a workout when I don’t have time what exercise do you suggest?
If a person can just set aside 20 minutes a day that can make all the difference in the world! Even if it means getting up 20 minutes earlier or going to bed 20 minutes later. There are so many quick easy things you can do to get in a brief workout. I love jumping rope for instance also something as simple as jumping jacks, push-ups, leg lifts, sit-ups. I would say try your best to aim for 20 minutes a day doing some sort of activity.

For comfort food I definitely love?
Pizza pizza pizza LOL

What foods do I stay away from?
I don’t eat red meat, I never have and I use ghee instead of butter.

Have I always had a perfect shape?
I am lucky with my genetics in that I can definitely eat more than most people and maintain my weight but with that said I am also very active on a permanent daily basis.

How do you plan your day and your food diet?
I’m very regimented and I tend to stick to the same things as I’ve mentioned I always start my day with wheat grass and end my day with freshly juiced greens and maintain a vegetarian diet but when I cheat I definitely go for the pizza oh and also chocolate LOL

What would you like to say to our readers?
Health and fitness play such an important role in the quality of life, I commend anyone who tries to make it a priority and I too am learning every day from other like-minded people.

So tell us about your modeling and tv hosting career?
I have been an internationally published model and TV presenter for years as well as an actress. I can still be seen 7 days a week on America’s number one rated game show “lingo” The episodes were filmed years ago but it’s so popular it continues to run all over the world! And if you happen to be watching late-night tell you’re sure to see me in one of the many infomercials I host! I’m also co-starring in a movie coming out the end of the year.

So what do you say to others wanting to try and achieve a modeling career?
Modeling is fun yet a challenging field to get into but I believe there is room for everybody. I think it’s important to go into it with realistic expectations, a positive attitude and a bit of a thick skin as it’s extremely competitive and not tremendously forgiving… but with that said there is a lot of success and enjoyment to be had!

What are your thoughts on Playboy?
Playboy is a beautiful magazine as it uses to be with nudes and as it currently is Without. I did playboy USA several years ago in a non-nude feature and it was an honor to be in Playboy USA! RIP Mr. Hefner.

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Janna Breslin in Medellín Colombia

The gorgeous and stunning Janna Breslin is on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine



Photos by LHGFX

How and when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
JB: I’ve been active my whole life but I started taking my training and nutrition way more seriously starting in 2013. I got into it initially by deciding to train for my first NPC bikini competition. After that first show, I decided that fitness and nutrition became my absolute passion and my the choice to shift my career as a pharmaceutical rep to a personal trainer and nutritional therapist!

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What types of cardio have worked best for you and what’s a typical workout you do during the week?
I rarely do steady state cardio. The most I do is walking my dog every day and if I feel like doing the stair master that day then ill only do a few minutes. My favorite type is sprinting because it’s more time efficient and you naturally create more HGH. When you have more HGH in your system you gain muscle easier and look younger longer! I do sprint 2-3 times a week. If you look at pictures of Olympic sprinters versus cross country runners you’ll notice a massive difference in body types. All thanks to HGH! I typically work out only about 4-5 hours a week. I like to be as efficient with my time as possible so I do high intensity and also weight training. I choose not to overtrain to keep my body healthiest.

What supplements do you use… and what are some of your favorites you would recommend?

Oh gosh, I use tons of supplements! My husband jokes and calls me a pharmacy. I take handfuls every day of specific supplements but my favorites are creatine, probiotics, fish oil, vitamin D, digestive enzymes and NAC. I really focus on my gut health because I believe all disease begins in the gut! My goal is to not only look healthy but actually BE healthy and be a good representation of a healthy lifestyle.

When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your goals?

Setting goals and not giving up. Plain and simple! I would also have to say that keeping a positive mindset and showing that positivity outwardly.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?
My favorite quote is “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”. This quote can be applied to any area of life and it personally inspires me to be my best self.

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Hope Beel in Medellín Colombia

The beautiful and incredible Hope Beel is on the cover of Fitness Gurls Magazine



Photo by LHGFX

‭Hope! We’re so glad to have you back for another interview! How has your 2017 been so far?‬ HB: ‭I really think 2017 has been my best year yet! My online website officially launched at the ‬‭beginning of the year, I just launched my first e-book, and so many great opportunities have ‬‭already crossed my path. ‬ ‭You were also one of the lucky few Fitness Gurls that got to go to Medellin Colombia! How ‬ ‭excited were you and was it what you expected? ‬
‭HB: Seriously, that trip is still my all-time favorite. A ‬‭lot of people warned me that it may not be safe, but when I arrived I had never felt more ‬welcomed to be in another country. The people there are so friendly and inviting. The food was ‬‭incredible and the entire country is all around incredible. I can’t wait to go back and visit. ‬ ‭

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You did some photo shoots, but did you get to do any tourist activities? If so, what did you do? What did we not do?
The entire fitness Gurls team got the VIP treatment. We visited the countryside, spent a day in the mountains shooting in a finca, which was incredibly beautiful. Got to ‬‭play around on the main soccer stadium. And my favorite fit to eat at some amazing restaurants.

‭Did you get any workouts in while you were there?‬ ‭Are your workouts the same as when you’re at home or are they shorter and super modified?
I never do the same workouts, no matter if I’m traveling or at home. I work with what I have. ‬‭Some places I’ve don’t have gym access so I’m that case I would take my workouts ‬‭outside. No excuses, I’m always getting it in. ‬

Do you bring any workout bands or anything when you travel?
I do! I love bands. It’s such a great addition to any workout. ‬

‭Are you a morning or evening workout type of person? Or whenever you can get it in type?
‭I typically like to train morning. It’s hard for me to find the energy in the evening to train plus, I’m ‬ ‭a morning person in general. ‬

‭How about supplements? Do you travel with supplements or protein powder?
‭Absolutely, I can’t live without my pre-workout. Also, when I travel protein is vital because you never know when ‬ ‭you’ll need a quick meal and I’d rather have that handy then choosing an unhealthy option. ‬

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‭How did you stay on track with your diet on your trip to Medellin? Did you eat local food?
The food there was so fresh so it was easy to eat super clean, and of course, I had a few treats here ‬ ‭and there but it’s all about balance. ‬

‭What are some things you must pack on your trips? ‬ ‭
You will always find a bikini, workout bands, ‬ ‭snacks, and my plane pillow and shaw. I always sleep on the plane and I like to be comfortable. ‬Haha!

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