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Claire Rae Re-Signs with Fitness Gurls Magazine on Multi-Year Deal

I love my involvement with Fitness Gurls magazine because Fitness Gurls is like family to me. I am able to express myself freely and stay involved in the industry I started making my dreams with. Fitness Gurls has been very supportive of my Fitness career and I am so thankful for that.

I have been part of Fitness Gurls from the start and I have been able to watch it grow. I am more excited this year than ever before, there is so much going on and it’s exciting to watch and be part of.

I go through phases when it comes to my workout routine. Lately I have been using the new Bikini Model Challenge Program because I’ve been putting it together. I have switched out a few of the workouts to focus on my glutes and shoulders. Those are my weaknesses right now. I have really been enjoying going to the gym lately. Sometimes I just go and throw some weights around with no real program set. I just like being there to clear my mind more than anything. It’s like my playground.


The thing that makes me so excited is the Bikini Model Challenge. Beyond the covers and the competing and even my own personal goals I love The Bikini Model Challenge. It’s my passion to teach people how to live healthy and I love the fact that I get the opportunity to help other girls break into the industry. I get the opportunity to give girls the guidance I wish I had had when I was first starting out.

The Bikini Model Challenge is a great way to get in shape because we teach girls how to live healthy balanced lives while they strive for their best body. We teach girls the ALL NATURAL way to get in shape. No fat burners no over training no harsh dieting. We teach them how to have healthy minds as well and how to incorporate fitness into their everyday life. It’s a really refreshing way to live. This is the way I live and I love it. It’s really quite simple and anyone is welcome. From beginners to Fitness Model’s there is something for everyone at every level to learn, it’s not just about being a Bikini Model, but living like you deserve the best life ever. I believe ever women deserves to be happy and love themselves. The Bikini Model Challenge is a really positive place for people to get support while they learn the lifestyle and make healthy choices.

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